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Monday, April 21, 2014


Helloooo, this month I am slack in blogging. Feel so bad that I have been less updating! Promised that I will back on track soon! This is a crucial month for me, because........ I am graduating soon! As most of you may wonder, why am I take so long for study, to be honest, I studied architectural science before, and now I am taking psychology course. A lot of things have been went through but to me I think it's not a waste of time, because I learnt a lot. During the architecture course, I have met different kinds of people, of course there were good and bad, and made me realized that who's worth to keep and who's not. Anyway, I decided to go for something that I'm interested in after this. Apparently, I did a right choice! I like to observe people's behavior and I find it's interesting!

Speaking of the hectic month, I am glad that I have a few opportunities for magazine shooting and features recently. Though I am supposed to study for my final, which is the last semester for me. But I do not want to miss the chance! I hope there are more to come in the future! :)

Just a short update to let you guys know that I am still here! Keep reading k? More travelling post soon! :D

Oh yeah, came across website and thought of sharing the good stuff to you guys! Do you know that you can actually order for food delivery with a selection of choices? Not only that, 7 Eleven ( is one of the collaborations which you can order online! Picture explains the process! :D

So easy right? 
I am gonna try out myself too! hehe

Stay tune for more updates guys!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

PaperMaster | Game apps launch

This is what I’m going to talk about today! Yes, paper. What’s so special about paper that it’s a hot topic? To be honest, we use paper almost every day for our work as well as our studies, from the most important things such as presentations to a trifle to-do-list. Do you actually know that there are different types of papers used for different tasks? PaperOne has 3 different ranges of paper, PaperOne™ All Purpose, PaperOne™ Copier and PaperOne™ Digital. PaperOne™ All Purpose is used for home and office printing, best for presentations, newsletters, proposal copies, and memos.. PaperOne™ Copier is perfect for high speed and high volume copy and PaperOne™ Digital is designed for color digital printing, recommended for portfolios, design works, school projects and so on. Well, there’s no harm in using wrong paper, but with the efficient use of the right paper, work is a lot easier!

It’s not fun to use the wrong paper!

It’s hard to learn through boring sentences I know, so PaperOne has come out with a new app, The PaperMaster. The PaperMaster is a fun game which educates people about paper and on how and when to use the right type of paper for the right occasionb. It’s available on the App Store/Play Store anyway; I’ll show you how fun is it!

Download “The PaperMaster” if you haven’t!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: Shekhinah Serum | Stem Cell Renewal Serum & Diamond Renewal Serum

Is anyone having a bad skin because of the water rationing in Klang Valley? Apparently rain doesn't help because the water rationing still go on and majority citizens have to suffer the foul water problem. Not sure if you're having same problem with me, my skin looked duller and got redness easily during the water rationing. Fortunately, Shekhinah Serum arrived on time. Before receiving the product, I googled search and found out the benefits of the products, couldn't wait to try the product! I personally like the serums very much and would like to share with you guys! 

Shekhinah serum comes in two types, one is Stem Cell Renewal Serum, another one is Diamond Renewal Serum. There are 10 bottles (3.5ml) in a box. 

Do not underestimate the power of these small bottles, it actually contains multiple benefits. 

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bangkok | Audrey Cafe & Bistro, Thong Lo 11

I travelled twice to Bangkok this year, not so many times but it was barely enough time for me to hunt for the nice cafes in bkk. When you are travelling to Bangkok, do not forget to look for nice cafes around. Probably because there are too many nice cafes in Malaysia, so we always wanted to look and try something new. Bkk also has a lot of nice cafes in town, this time I happened to find a cafe which located around town area, Audrey Cafe & Bistro, Thong Lo 11.