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Monday, January 25, 2016 /

Having few pairs of shoes are not enough for me, always want to add a new pair into the shoes collection. Even though we have a lot of pairs of shoes, but we always think that there isn’t enough! Am I right Girls? Haha! From my experience, it is ought to have different pairs of shoes in order to matches variety of occasions, such as work, workout, travel, events, etc. Buying shoes online has never been easy now, here are the shortlisted 10 pairs of shoes from Lazada that I personally think is great for different occasions. If you love shopping  in Singapore, check it out!

1. Jetting Buy Leather Over The Knee Motorcycle Boots Beige (SGD61.00)

Only Lobster | Pince & Pints, Bangsar

Sunday, January 17, 2016 / , ,

If you're Lobster lover, you have probably heard of this place before, Pince and Pints which originates from Singapore, has it here in Malaysia. Interesting thing is, you do not have to waste much time on choosing the food as there are only 4 options on the menu. Either in grilled or steamed, Lobster roll, chilli lobster and lobster noodles, you get to eat lobster in different cooking methods. I personally kind of fond of lobster, so decided to have boyfie's birthday dinner here. We ordered two lobster, which were Lobster Roll and Chilli Lobster. To be honest, I haven't really get to try restaurant which mainly focuses on lobster and this was my first one, I give a thumb up for the service as well as food quality. I would suggest anyone to come with around 4-6 persons so you get to order all the 4 lobster dishes! A friendly reminder that it's better to make reservations as the time is limited.