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Underground Société | Bandar Sunway

Thursday, February 26, 2015 / , ,

Exploring a good cafe is always in our to-do-list, there are many cafes have yet to be discovered! We had another girls' outing few weeks ago, managed to catch up with all the girls while enjoying great food in a nicely decorated cafe, Underground Société (US) which located at Bandar Sunway. If you've tried Garage 51 and Coffee Société before, both of the cafes are under the same team but using different concepts. Garage 51 serves mainly on brunch menu, Coffee Société emphasizes on coffee, while Underground Société provides more to exquisite meals. I am surprised 3 of the cafes are having different concepts of interior design as well!

I love how they implement wood elements and lighting in US. Its contemporary yet hint of industrial vibes and natural textures. Most importantly, the ambiance of the cafe is very cozy!

FGS Dong Zen Temple | 佛光山東禪寺平安燈會 2014

Sunday, February 22, 2015 / ,

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

Today is the fourth day of Chinese New Year, I heard it's freaking jam along the highway now, guess most of the people are going back to work. Even though there are only two days public holiday for CNY, but for Chinese our CNY stays till 15 days hehe. Discovered a wonderful place last year CNY, decided to share it out because this place is too pretty not to share! FGS Dong Zen Temple represents the hub of a Buddhist centre in the South East Region. There are having lantern and flora festival which will lasts for 23 days from 14th of February to 8th of March 2015, everything is well-decorated with LED light and it turns into a magical wonderland at night. A gentle tips for you guys, remember don't wear heels because this temple is very huge, there are different sections. Best thing about this place is it is free admission and free parking! FGS Dong Zen is located at Jenjarom, Kuala Langat in the state of Selangor Darul Ehsan, from Kuala Lumpur it is approximately takes around 50 minutes driving distance, so it's considered not so far. 

 Entrance of the temple