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Get Ready with Me | Feat. Sasa Malaysia

Thursday, March 02, 2017 / ,

I remember I used to have a hard time on looking for those beauty products I wanted, for that I had to make several trips for different products, not only it causing troubles, but also wasting time and money for those trips. I am glad that we have Sasa in Malaysia, it’s a one-stop cosmetic specialty store, with over 700 brands, skin care, makeup, hair care, body care, health and beauty supplements, etc. I can easily get the beauty products I want from here!

Recently, I’ve made some shopping from Sasa Malaysia again!

Life is Better with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 / ,

People often have the wrong impression that conditioner doesn’t help in making your hair look better. Let me tell you my story -- I am a full time blogger and my job requires me to do a lot of styling and coloring. My hair has been so damaged and sensitive due to all these factors. :( On regular days, I will still blow dry, brush and curl my hair. I believe most of the girls do the same thing too. With all the things we do that cause damage to our hair, it’s important to save it before if it’s too late. I also noticed my hair looks dull as I grow older, and I will try my best not to cause more damages. Recently, I’ve came across Pantene’s new 3 Minute Miracle on Watsons website and the product promises to reverse the damages in just 3 minutes.

Benefits of Pantene 3 Minute Miracle
  • Repairs damage
  • Smoothens hair
  • Improves hair health
  • Strengthens hair
  • Prevents split ends
  • Instant result of smooth and shiny hair