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My Plastic Surgery Story In Korea | PART 2

Sunday, July 10, 2016 / ,

Hi guys! I'm back for part 2 update! This is about my plastic surgery story in ID Hospital, Korea. Sooooo happy that there're actually a lot of readers sending personal messages to me, full of love and care, truly appreciate it guys! THANK YOU! *love* I am feeling good and it's been 3 months after surgery, everything is great and I noticed my face and nose look more defined day by day. If you haven't watch PART 1, you can read here and watch the video here.

I had been asked to fast for 8 hours before the surgery because of general anesthesia. For a big eater like me, I've got to say it ain't easy! The surgery was a success though and it took around 7 hours. When I awakened from anesthesia, it was evening already. I'd been asked not to consume anything yet and sleep for 5 hours for the safety. MEANING I DIDN'T CONSUME ANYTHING FOR ALMOST 24HOURS! I wanted to tell you guys, from operation till recovery period, the only most suffering part to me was that, I need to fast and stay awake after awakened from general anesthesia, for freaking 5 HOURS. I remembered Ms. Anna, my road manager from docfinderkorea was there to accompany me, and I had lost my temper, kept kicking the bed, yelling for water. Ms. Anna was constantly telling me that it was for my safety that I should not drink nor sleep. Fortunately I followed what nurse told me, to keep inhale and exhale, to get rid of the anesthesia from my body, so she allowed me to drink after 3 and half an hours.

One Day In Hanbok | Seoul, Korea

Monday, June 20, 2016 / , ,

Wearing Hanbok and walking around historic places, it is just like a dream come true! I have always adored tradition and culture of every country, Hanbok is a traditional clothing of Korea, I've tried once when I first visited Seoul but it was a 15-minutes duration and I'd only got to take photo in the centre as it was free of charge. One great thing of wearing Hanbok is that you get to visit some palaces for FREE! Since I was with my BFF, Carmen Layrynn in Seoul, we signed up TRAZY.COM to get the ONE DAY HANBOK RENTAL. If you've read about my Cherry Blossom in Seoul post, you would know about TRAZY. If you haven't, you can read here. We signed up Trazy's package as it offered a discounted rental price for the package. 


Travel + Crazy = Trazy

TRAZY actually allows you to discover and book latest, newest, trendiest things/activities to do in Korea at discounted price. For example, they have a list of where to visit during cherry blossom season, and they offered tour packages for all the travellers, need not to worry about transportation already when you book through their website!