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2011 Resolutions

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 /

No picture for this post, skip this if you do not wish to continue. :)

Viewing back 2010's resolutions, I wonder did I make it all upon those? Or should I say I ought to keep on those as it is still an undone one?

Time does flies, like in a blink of an eye. So many unpleasant things happened throughout this year, some were awful, and some were more than that.

First, was about my beloved pipi. I miss her all the time and dream of her often. Thanks God still sending her in my dreams even though I can't feel the warmth of hers, I can barely feel it myself through memories that I had with her. May Pipi rest in peace and us, family loves you always and forever. <3 <3 <3

Emotional problem came still secondly, my love life. Sometimes I mock at myself being so sarcastic, repeated same mistakes everytime after healing. But I've realized something, I love myself more than anyone, after all. :)

Of friendship, that I've somewhat realized that, one side's pay-out is not enough, even how hard it is. Do you agree? That I give out my heart and spill out, and one listens it silently, feel the same way like I do? That someone tells that do not trust on who and who and who, but turns out they're being so nice with em? That trying so hard to maintain the relationship, but one doesn't care at all? So sarcastic? Oh my, life is like that. Haha

My future, I think I need someone to guide me. Yet, in my mind, I know there's always a person that will truly influences me, the person is myself. So, I got to tell myself, "YOU CAN DO IT! NO REGRET!" :)

My resolutions for 2011? First comes in my mind is still my family. I wish that my family lives happily ever after, like fairy tale? Hehe. That's the one I gonna work out to get my wish. And, D and I? Hopefully tolerance remains to maintain the relationship and goes on peacefully.

I promised myself, will take good care of my doggies, and spend my time with em. I guess pipi also wish me to be like that? :)

Friendship? Just follow the feeling. Happy or not, I won't care. NO MORE.

And I, continue my belief, fight for what I want passionately and I CAN DO IT! ;D
Big girl turns to 21 adult very soon. ;)

Dark Chocolate

Monday, October 18, 2010 / , , ,

A very good day to everyone. Feeling so sleepy right now but insisted to write a post before shut my engine down. :)

So I would still counted my days as lovely, even though many things happened. All I know is, there is one extra reason to make me smile, always. :)

Met up with the couple. Still lovely as usual. <3

Got her a belated bday prezzie. And she liked it! <3

Three crazy girls went out to sing in a sudden whim!

If you're in my facebook friendlist or following my twitter, you'll know I've changed my hair colour again into dark chocolate. Thanks to Liese again making my hair alive. ;)


Finally here's the new colour! <3

I gotta say, I like dark colour as well but this is not the colour I wanted yet. So, I will change my hair colour again as if my hair is still in healthy mode. ;D

Btw, I miss my family and my doggies so much. >_<


Shu Uemura

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 /

Having lil break while doing assignment. Here to keep my promise, I will post an item that I'm using right now, it's Shu Uemura depsea water facial mist.

I'm using rose one. Previously I was using Avene's and felt like wanna switch to other brand. Both of the functions are almost the same, to moisture and fresh up your time anytime because it's portable. I carry it in my bag everytime, spray on my face when I feel like my face is uncomfortable sometimes. I use it even on body too, when I don't feel like using oily lotion or body cream, this is my best friend.

Currently this facial mist comes out various types for consumers. There are eight herbal to choose, which I think rose flavour is the most decent one, for me.

Of the make-up remover, I'm using Shu Uemura's as well. Have to say that, I just can't stop buying this product once I used it! It's so perfect for me, Shu Uemura cleansing oil.

I'm kind of lazy girl, who doesn't want to spend more time on removing make-up. But I have to, especially my eyes. Take out the cotton, pour eye make-up remover on it, hold on eyes for 20 seconds........ Stop it! Now, I just only need to pump out five pumps then apply on my whole face, make-up removes easily.

The first one I have tried was high performance balancing cleansing oil. Now, white recovery brightening cleansing oil is the second I have bought. Choose the cleansing oil depends on your skin condition. You can ask the profession in the store.

Wanna know more about it? Please visit Shu Uemura's official website.

Will keep on update beauty stuff after my final. Stay tuned. <3


Wednesday, September 22, 2010 /

Everything came so sudden. I had no enough time to absorb before it comes. I was still watching at her and gave her water and she was still watching at me a moment ago...

Received the news from vet when I was driving alone back to cyber, stopped by slim river's highway roadside, cried out loud...

'She lied.. She promised me to wait for me back again..' I keep shouting and crying on the phone with D.

Until now, I still thought that she was still here not long ago.. my pipi

My family was worried bout me at that time. Cause I was driving alone. Then I made a U-turn when I almost reach kl, back to hometown again. This journey was long, I cried all the way to home. Yeah, it was dangerous and I almost got accident but luckily I reached home safely.

Everyone is so sad...

Tomorrow I'm going to see her the last time. I tell myself that don't cry when I see her but I know I can't.

20th Sept is the saddest day I have ever had. My sec bro's girlfriend, her lil sister and husband met accident on penang bridge on the same day as well and died. Seriously, I hate September. The only days make me relieved are my beloved's bdays.

Pipi, can you hear me?
Are you happy now?
I have my 21st bday's wish in my mind already, although it hasn't reach.
I wish that you stay happily ever after in another world.
I will miss you forever..

Now that I know who does truly cares bout me
It will disappear in my mind forever.. I swear..

Thanks for everything D

God Bless PIPI

Sunday, September 19, 2010 /

Today, I'm so unhappy.. Because I just got to know that, Pipi suffers from a disease, pyometra. And, it might be too late to cure. A tear rolled down my face after I heard what doctor said. I did many researches of this disease, pipi is having closed-pyometra. Surgery is needed but she is an eight-years-old dog.She can't even take this risk...

Pipi has been here in my life for around eight years. It ain't easy, yet full of happiness in my family. We love her, so much...

D came to my house, told my mom about the detail after we came back from penang's clinic. As I couldn't even tell, I am incapable of my weakness. My mom seemed so upset, so did brother.

Keep telling myself to stay strong, as Pipi needs me! She needs our support! 

Jun, do you see this? Can you pray for our Pipi? My readers, can you please pray for my lovely Pipi...?

We Love you PiPi!


Sunday, September 05, 2010 / , , ,

Dear readers, stay up late to update Deep Escape again. Well, lots of things happened recently. But I know I'm strong enough to stand all of these as I have supports! <3

On Wednesday, Qi and I went to Sunway Pyramid, Puchong Neway karaoke after that. I have to say, I love the sound system over there!

This girl just got her new haircut and looked so adorable~ <3

On Friday, we went to town after her class. By the way, new fridge finally arrived our house! My owner is not bad. :p

Omg, Qi! I looked so tall! XD

Snowflake, pavilion

Met up with XinCi and her bf.

Went for a movie, City Under Siege. Nice movie! ;)

Today, I've finally pasted the wall stickers on my wall! Look so lovely now. Although I haven't paste it all.

Butterflies come out~

This was another piece, the biggest one. I spent lots of effort on this! Phewww

My holiday coming soon. And the days reaching soon as well.