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December Updates

Sunday, December 30, 2012 / , , , , ,

December has been another hectic month for me, just finished my final of this semester last week and I hadn't been slacking off, as there were a lot of events and parties! New year eve is coming soon, still thinking how to spend my new year eve. How are you going to spend yours? Party? Dinner? Movie with partner? Chill out with friends? Every year we celebrate the same thing again and again, to me the most important thing is celebrate with the our family, friends and loved one happily and peacefully. :)

Techduology Live Christmas Edition
If you really into gadgets and technology, you should follow! Because they are all about the latest information of technology and gadgets, and I was honoured to be invited to be their special guests in their Christmas Edition, Techduology Live! 

Speical guests: yours truly and Nardia from 8tv NiteLive.

 Not to forget, this adorable kid wore his transformer's helmet purposely to get his prize! Haha!

[Adv] NIVEA's New Pure & Natural Range

Saturday, December 29, 2012 / , , , ,

Tell me who doesn't know NIVEA? Nivea, one of the world's largest skin care brands, launched it's new range, Pure & Natural on 13th of December 2012 at Delicious cafe, Dua residency. NIVEA is one of my favourite skin care products, how could I missed the chance to join the media preview? 

Tell you a secret, Pure & Natural is Kate Middleton's favourite too! In case who doesn't know Kate Middleton, she's the wife of Prince William. Why she loves it? Because NIVEA Pure & Natural range contains 8 powerful benefits which are 3 times more Vitamin E, protect skin barriers and moisture levels, repairs skin layers, effective healing properties, and provides soothing and anti-bacterial affects for the skin. For your information, it is free of Parabens, Silicones, colourants, and mineral oils, so it won't cause any side effect to your skin.

The range of Pure & Natural, which consists of face care series, body lotion and deodorant, contains up to 95% natural ingredients such as organic Argan Oil, Aloe Vera gel, Chamomile and Jojoba Oil. I didn mentioned before that natural oils are good for hair and skin! This is a must-have items for those who want sustainable products without compromising on safety, effectiveness and care, whilst enjoying a pleasant fragrance! 

Three special ingredients that can be found in NIVEA Pure & Natural products are Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile. Some facts that you must know! So please read! ;)

Argon Oil
-Sourced from the tree's kernels is a natural source of Vitamin E. It contains three times more Vitamin E as olive oil and is a natural antioxidant. 
-Rich in precious, essential fatty acids that have a positive effect on the skin's natural protective barrier. 
-Has special skin-smoothing effects with just three days of application.

Aloe Vera
-The leaf moisture content averages at 95% and the gel of the plant provides skin with essential moisture whilst protecting it against dryness. 
 -Has moisturizing effect and supports cell regeneration.

-The flavonoids and essential oils soothe the skin and protect it from redness. 
-Has antioxidant properties, offers a shielf from free radicals.
-Smoothen skin at the same time redness and irritation are reduced.

 My companion of the day, Sherlyn!

Party Rocking on Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 / , , , , ,

2013 is coming real soon! Gosh, I'm not ready to accept it yet, the fact that I am growing older again as my birthday is in January. When the time you over 21, you wouldn't wish to grow older anymore. :( Anyway, did ya'll come out with your new year resolution already? Christmas has just passed yesterday. Speaking of Christmas Eve, I've spent my night in club like I mentioned on the last post. It was a sudden plan but I did enjoyed with my bf and babes. For the next Christmas party, I would say it's better to have a house party tho. Because it was freaking packed and crowded inside the club! 

Let's the pictures do the talking then! ;)

 My babes! Monie and Joey *love*

Sweet Outing 231212

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 / , , , ,

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Today is Christmas! How was your Christmas Eve? I spent my Christmas Eve in club which is a silly idea because it was so packed! Enjoyed my night with my bf and babes tho! hehe Here to have something for you to read in case you haven't out for any party yet tonight! 

My girls Anffi and Trudy were coming down to kl for their shopping hunt! Haven't been seeing em for so long, miss them so much! As usual, Bukit Bintang area is always my hang out place with girls because it is one of the shopping heavens in kl!



 My girls!

Had our late dinner at Bulgogi Brothers. We loved Korean cuisine especially this because of the heart shape bulgogi and it was delicious! 

 Unyangsik Bulgogi

Selca with my new watch, BabyG! 
Never thought that tough type watch matches me so well! 
As people always think that I am cute! :(

 Silly poses! haha

Our haul! 

Outfit of the day
Cut off jumpsuit from coupederobes
Balenciaga giant city bag
Transparent wedges from Sg wang
BabyG BLX-5600-4

Love it especially the color, it's more to pastel I think?

Fancy my watch? Visit for more information! ;)


Beauty Surprises: A Blind Date with The Lilac Box

Monday, December 24, 2012 /

Has anyone subscribed to any beauty boxes? It's quite popular in this society lately. Beauty box is you'll get a box of beauty surprises every month when you subscirbe to it. You pay money to get a box of beauty products, sounds reasonable. But how do we know if it's worth to subscribe? Lately, I've found a website which is The Lilac Box. 

The Lilac box, an online subscription-based sampling programme. Something that makes The Lilac Box outstanding is, they deliver handpicked premium beauty and cosmetic samples in a box every month directly to subscribers. The brands they carried are Burberry Beauty, Roberto Cavalli, Chloé, StriVectin, Roberto Cavalli, Kérastase, Calvin Klein, Redken, Marc Jacobs, DeCléor and many more. The Lilac Box contains only premium products. If a brand can be found in a pharmacy or drugstore, you will never find it in The Lilac Box. Ever! 

Something interesting about The Lilac Box is, The name ‘The Lilac Box’ was chosen because ‘The Lavender Box’ is too long. lol!

 This is how The Lilac Box looks like. Simple yet elegant.

The Lilac Box in 8 words, "For beauty lovers: Blind date in a box", subscribers of The Lilac Box anticipate and eagerly wait for the arrival of The Lilac Box every month, and are constantly surprised by what they find, as they do not know the contents of the beauty box. It lets subscribers discover and experience 4 or 5 different products every month via samples, and allows them to buy the full-size product at a huge discount if they like what they tried.

The launch date of The Lilac Box is February 2013 (Valentine's Day), I can't wait to get mine and shall blog about it! The price is reasonable at RM35 per box, subscribers enjoy savings when they subscribe for 3 or 6 months. 

I've summarized the whole points of basically what you'll get if you subcribe to The Lilac Box, I am so good so please read! hehe

  • You get handpicked deluxe-sized beauty samples from premium brands.
  • You get to exclusively test new and interesting brands in the comfort of their own homes, without the hassle of a salesperson breathing down their necks.
  • You get grooming tips, how-to videos and up-to-date beauty news direct from the very companies that provide these samples.
  • You can buy the full size product if they like the samples, and will enjoy huge discounts, available only to The Lilac Box subscribers.
  • You know where and how to get the products they like.
  • You earn points when they submit product reviews, which entitle them to a free box

 And a good news to my readers, register yourself and you'll get a surprise free gift from The Lilac Box! The freebie is either Burberry Beauty, Chloé or Calvin Klein. The redemption for  is till Chloé is until 31st of December 2012, Calvin Klein's redemption till 15th of January 2013 and Burberry Beauty one is till 28th of February 2013. Be quick to grab yours!

I've just redeemed mine today, I picked Chloé anyway. Hehe

Register now at to get more information. 




Thursday, December 20, 2012 / ,


A few weeks ago I attended the launch of at twentyone in Bangsar Shopping Centre. I got to catch up with fellow MHB bloggers and enjoyed a buffet dinner and champagne.

 Meet the new member of MHB, vivian! 

I was so curious about what is about at first. Now that I knew it after the launch!


DiscoverOff­ is a mobile app that enables you to find the best off­ers that are happening near you. Being a mobile app, it gives you the convenience to discover great discounts and promotions while you’re on the move.

The DiscoverOff­ mobile app is a great companion that allows you to benefit from countless savings and on top of that it provides you with a good initiative to discover new places. Adding the off­ers you like to your favourites list will enable you to be automatically informed with the latest off­ers that interest you.

Find more. Save more. All near you.

Kanebo Lunasol (Makeover)

Monday, December 17, 2012 / ,

I wanna blog about make-up tutorial soon! 

Actually I was thinking should I blog or not because I scared my skill is not as good as others and another thing is don't know whether my readers like it or not? So I am asking my readers right now, do you wish me to blog about make-up tutorial? If yes, do you prefer video's or picture's? I'd appreciate your comment! :)

Anyway, I am gonna talk about Kanebo Salon that I went last week. Thanks to Kanebo Malaysia and Nuffnang for the invites! 

Mr Shunichi Suzuki, a professional make-up artist all the way from Japan was here to demonstrate us make-up look and Diana was the lucky one who did the makeover!

Here is her after-make-up!
Looks amazing and pretty right?

Lunasol eye make-up series

KDU Registration Week with JinnyboyTV

Friday, December 14, 2012 / ,

Last week, I managed to attend KDU Registration Week before heading back to hometown. KDU is a hub with students from over 45 countries throughout the world and spiritual youths from diverse cultures, come here to acquire the knowledge and skills in order to make them a well-trained person in the future. KDU keeps providing best environment for students and all this time they never stop improving and producing good learning experiences to the students. 

Dragged my bf along because there is an interview session with JinnyboyTV. I think most of you heard of them right? They're well-known of making fun local videos in YouTube and one of their famous videos is the Gangnam Style Parody - KL Style (click in) featuring DJs, JJ, Ean, etc.. I started to know them since this video and I actually love their videos! Because all of em are so hilarious and so Malaysian! 

Throughout the interview, they were talking about how JinnyboyTV started and their stories. I actually quite amazed of the zero-budget production they have because every video they came out is high quality and can even compete with other professional productions. Jin is one of the DJ, he has a sense of humour, we laughed all the time during the interview session!

Besides, JinnyboyTV shared with us about their difficult times during video making. To show their genuine and enthusiastic toward video making, they even went to Melbourne to produce good videos for their loyal subscribers.

Why JinnyboyTV exists? Jin thinks that his idol, Lee Hom inspired him to pursue his dream, by not giving up and go for the dreams. While Reuben thinks that his inspiration comes from Walt Disney. He loves how fantastic and perfect is the Walt Disney brought to him.

They're coming out a new video soon and we've the priority to watch the sneak peek first! [Hint] Greyson Chance is in the video too! 

You may check out their website to know more! :)

JinnyboyTV's fans page -

JinnyboyTV's website -

A picture with JinnyboyTV

Anyway, KDU University College's academic strength is to produce work-ready graduates who are grounded with a strong foundation in character and knowledge in their specialization. They offer a range of programmes too.

Lovely door gifts! Thanks! 

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[Adv] Women Deal 2012


I have blogged about online shopping before, I always purchase items through online websites. And I have to say I really love online shopping! Why? Of course the main factor is because it is very convenient, no need to step out of house and drive all the way to the store. Online shopping is way cheaper than the store's is another reason of why I like to buy item through online websites.

A good news to my readers! There is another new online store that offers super good deals!  

Introducing Women Deal – a Malaysian website especially for women to get the best deals relating to their lifestyles. is a voucher platform which provides daily special deals just for women! At you can purchase special deals from 30% to up to 90% discount everyday. You will find deals featuring restaurants, spas, clothes, handbags, accessories, cosmetics and many other lifestyle related products or services! Sounds interesting right? 

[Adv] M-Runcit

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 /

Rushing rushing out to buy the reload card because my phone just ran out of credit when I was making important call to my college! Omg! I need to reload! Not even have time to dress up myself while have to rush out just to reload my phone! Arghhh!

Everwanted to make an important phone call then just to pick up your phone andrealize that you ran out of credit? How about wanting to access the internetbuy your access has expired?

Oryour friends call you for an online gaming session but oops you ran out ofcredit for your favourite MMORPG! You run downstairs to jump into your car onlyto find that your brother has taken your car out!

Arghhhhhh!You pull your hair in despair and bang your head against the wall!

Don’tfret! Now you have a very simple solution to that! Just head over to

M-what?MRuncit - the new store in town and it’s one that you can access anywhere aslong as you have an internet/ mobile data connection! Sounds interesting right?

MRuncitwhich stands for Mobile Runcit, an online virtual product store which offersprepaid services with loyalty point schemes and easy payment options forcommunity members in real-time via online and mobile devices.

Hereis some stuff you can purchase from

Online Games Reloads

Youdon’t need to go to the cybercafé to buy these anymore! You can buy Garena,Gash, OffGamers, Game Pro, MOL and lots more! Online gamers rejoice! Now you canplay online games without interruption!

Mobile AirtimeReloads 

Needto call your girlfriend but you’re running low on credit and you can’t get to aconvenience store? No worries as MRuncit offers many different pre-paidtop-ups!

TuneTalk, U Mobile and X Pax are some of the bigger ones while there are a coupleof others as well.