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Bangkok Trip Part 1

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 / , , ,

Bangkok is a heaven for girls who love shopping! I am in love with bangkok since the first trip I went there in August this year, even booked the January air ticket with my friends and going to shopping again before Chinese New Year, yay! Speaking of bangkok (bkk), I bet most of you have been there before? Because it is our neighbouring country and it is one of the world's top tourists destination cities. I am going to blog about the first day of bkk trip and share with you which hotel I was staying in. For those who are going to bangkok soon, do read my post! :)

Taking Malaysia airlines as it was just hundred ringgits away compared with Air Asia airlines. 

Resting at premium lounge before the flight.

[Adv] Panasonic Beauty : Beauty of Empowerment

Thursday, October 25, 2012 / , ,

On this Tuesday, I was invited to the Panasonic Beauty Care Products Launch at Ruby Ballroom, One World Hotel. Thanks to BlupBlup and Panasonic Malaysia, I've got chance to try on their new products personally! Panasonic Malaysia has launched their latest series of innovative Beauty products for Malaysia women. Panasonic Beauty products are designed and developed to meet the aspirations of women, as well as the modern lifestyles. Tell me who doesn't love beauty? When it comes to beauty, it has to be something that would delight our days at the same time enhance our beauty. I reckon Panasonic has achieved both of the requirements. Trust me! The new products are very interesting and I am sure every girl would fall in love with it! 

We kind of played with the props and took picture before entering event hall. Haha!

Talika Lipocils Launch

Sunday, October 21, 2012 / ,

Last week attended Talika Lipocils Launch with Karen which held at Zebra Square, KL. Anyone heard of Talika before? I saw their product before on magazine and I thought it's not available in Malaysia, now only I knew they have it in Malaysia! They were launching a new duo eyelash growth and mascara, Talika Lipocils & Black. 

Small description of Talika: 
Talika has developed since 1948, creating products that perfectly suit women's needs. Talika was started at the opthalmologic department of the famous Paris hospital, Hopitaux de Paris. Doctor Danielle Roches has developed an anti-bacterial cream with plants extracts to help cure people suffering from face and eyes burns due to war casualties. Surprisingly the lashes of her patients regrow quickly and dramatically. And this is the birth of Lipocils.

Talika not only focuses on eye care, it develops hand care and nail care as well. All products are clinically tested by a team of dermatologists at hospitaux Paris Pitie-Salpetriere. President of Talika, Alexis de Brosses tells that the vision of his company is to propose products that are developed with full respects to Nature and to customers. He aims to make the women who used the Talika products happier and more serene in life.

Outfit of the day
Topshop knittop 
Beaded shorts from coupderobes (I sounds like their fans almost every piece is from them HAHA!)
Heels from online shop
Balenciaga giant city silver hardware bag

Vatican City, Rome

Monday, October 15, 2012 / , , ,

Vatican City (Citta del Vaticano), also known as The Holy See, is the smallest independant state in the world. It is also the latest and only current Papal state in existence and the temporal seat of the head of the worldwide Catholic Church, Pope. In ancient times, the word, Vatican, was used to identify the marshy area on the right bank of the Tiber River, between the Milvio Bridge and the present Sixtus Bridge. 

My bf and I were waited for so long to visit to this city. Because we were so impressed of the small city which consists approximately 800 citizens and the age-old history. 

Dressed up to visit the smallest city!

Newly bought in Accessorize

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 12-13 Fahion Show

Saturday, October 13, 2012 / , , ,

Was invited to Balenciaga Fall/Winter 12-13 fashion show in KLCC at 11th of October. It was my first time attending Balenciaga fashion show as my first balenciaga bag was purchased in Singapore last time. Balenciaga is one of my most favourite luxury brands, I love their design especially giant city, which I own one and it's already discontinue in the market. In case any of you would like to know how my Balenciaga giant city bag looks like, here it is.

Tagged along Karen babe with me to the fashion show. Had our lunch at Umai Ya before the show.

Asahi Events

Tuesday, October 09, 2012 / , , , , ,

Few weeks ago I was invited to the Asahi event at Luna Bar. Thanks to nuffnang's Jamie and Darren for the invitation. I tagged my boyfriend and his friend along to the event. Speaking of Asahi, has anyone try it before? It's Japanese Number 1's beer and I personally like the smoothness of the beer especially Asahi Super Dry! *feel like having one now*

Outfit of the night 

M-lin Dress in blue from coupederobes
Black pumps from online store
Chanel flap bag

HK short trip: Baby cafe & Agnes b. cafe

Monday, October 08, 2012 / , ,

Had a short trip to Hong Kong after came back from Europe few months ago. Sad thing about the trip was I didn't manage to capture many pictures and all photos in my iPhone had lost. :( Fortunately, I still have some on my instagram, so I am gonna blog about the two must-go cafes if you happen to visit to Hong Kong! 

First would be Baby cafe which is opened by Angelababy, my idol! *lovelove*

Blurry picture taken from my instagram

Due to the time travelled was few months ago, and I didn't manage to take many pictures, I've lost all the memory there and I couldn't recall the food name! lol I remembered we had to queue up and get number to enter the cafe. You could imagine how famous Angelababy is. *impressed*

baby menu

Updated: My Daily Skin Care Products and Beauty Secrets

Sunday, October 07, 2012 /

It's been a year and more since the last update of my daily skin care products. A lot of people asking me about my beauty secrets and I've been sharing a lot to my friends! I am so grateful that quite a number of my friends accept my advices and their skin are getting improved! 

Since the first Laneige products I bought a year ago, I can't stop using it! Yes! I am definitely a fans of Laneige! 

From left to right is the sequence of the skin care products. The first one is Laneige Clear-C Effector. So far I am still using the sample size and I am going to purchase it! Laneige sales assistants are always so kind-hearted, they would not force me to purchase their product, in fact they give a lot of sample products every time after I purchase the products. Speaking of Laneige Clear-C Effector, use it after cleanser and before the toner. It acts as a booster with Acelora full of Vitamin C. Basically, it doubles the effects of the following skin care products, purifies skin and removed dead skin cells. I personally think that it is good to use the products not frequently. 

Second product from the left is Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner- Light as well as toner. I used it several bottles already and it was the first Laneige product that I'd purchased. So far I've used whitening refiner, sensitive refiner and moisture refiner and I still think that basic one which is light one suits me the best! It eliminates impurities in the pores and removes keratin for clear and transparent skin. You can used it as a mask too, all you need is a mask sheet, pour on it and apply on face for 30 minutes. I sometimes do it and it refreshes my face and skin tone. 

D's Birthday Dinner at Cilantro, KL

Wednesday, October 03, 2012 / , , , ,

My boyfriend's birthday falls on 24th of September which is same as my elder brother. September is always my favourite month as it's my three beloveds' big day, including mummy! :) Last month, to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday, we had a dinner at Cilantro, Micasa Hotel. Cilantro is a french-japanese cuision restaurant. My boyfriend and I loved the fusion of french and japanese!

It was a last-minute decision because at first I was planning to go La Vie En Rose but it was closed. Blame on me for didn't research properly :(

The restaurant was smaller than I expected, need to make a reservation for dine in. Luckily we managed to get a table for dinner. Owing to the time, we could only had the main course. I am so bad! Next time will plan everything properly and organized! 

So our meal started with the complimentary breads with truffle butter. The breads were somehow ordinary, but the truffle butter tasted good! 

Here comes our main course. 

 My bf's selection
Sable with Qwehli Prawns
Look at the essence, it tasted better than its look!

My selection
Fedellini Pasta with Scampi
To be honest, I don't know how to peel prawn's shell since young, any types of prawns.
However I removed the scampi's shell easily and beautifully myself. lol!
And the meat of the scampi was yummy!

My boyfie! *love*

I think I'd visit Cilantro again and do a proper review about it. After dinner we went to chill out at rooftop bar, G tower. 

Happy birthday to my boyfriend! 
Wishing him a successful career!
Love you! *muacks*

Lastly, outfit of the night

 Flare top from coupederobes
pearl necklace from topshop
Chanel flap bag