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Casio Exilim EX-TR15 Review | Make-up Mode & Skin Brightening Mode

Saturday, November 30, 2013 / , , ,

If you ask me what is my must-have-item in my bag, I would say camera. As a blogger, I can't live without camera, camera is my earning tool and also my daily essential, it records and captures down everything in my life. I love taking pictures, when I look back the pictures, I reminisce those memories.. However, I think the biggest problem for girls is we have to photoshop or enhance the pictures, which takes a lot time to do it! Ahhhhhh!!!! Fortunately, Casio seems to know girls' needs, especially the magic self-portrait camera, TR series, I am in love with it! Now they have modified a new better magic camera of tr series, TR15, which is the latest one with enhanced features and design. if you have read my post (here), you should know! 

I go for white which is my all-time-favorite color! *love*

 TR15's design is rounded shape, a more stylish and comfortable design.
Metallic finishing of tr15 is so elegant and high-end. 

What I love the most is the lens which coated with gold plate
It makes the whole camera become more outstanding and classy. awww!
I personally love the white one, pink one is the best-seller tho!

First of all, I need to clarify again TR15 is same as TR350, which is named at China. Casio TR series has been known as "the savior of ugly girl" lol, to be exact, 猪扒变美女 Hahaha! This is why so many girls wanting to get this so badly and always out of stock! Previously, tr150 already is the best-seller, but now I bet tr15 has become the mainstream. 

So the first thing will check out of course is the make-up mode and skin brightening mode, which already enhanced and upgraded, you can change the mode into natural mode or brightening mode as you like! Don't worry, I'll show you the comparison of what is the difference between natural mode and brightening mode!

MGP Label, My Glamour Place | online blogshop

Friday, November 29, 2013 /

Online shopping is my current addiction, you know, girls will never get enough of clothing. XDD Lately, I've got myself two rompers from MGP and the quality is superb! I found that Singapore blogshop emphasizes more on quality and design, that's why it's hardly to see the same design appear on other blogshop, and also the quality of clothing is assured. So I personally think that choosing Singapore's blogshop is a wise decision! :D

What I've got from MGP Label

#1 Coline Skorts Romper in Watercolor

 I love this romper! It fits me well!
My friends keep praising my outfit when I hang out with them! X)

Love the prints and pleated cuts that make my outfit look so outstanding, 
need no accessories as the romper itself already very standout.  

#2 Rowan Romper in White
 Fell in love with this romper at my first sight!
The Aztec design and monotone help to stand out the outfit as well.

 I kind of mix and match with a knit top and it's still looking good!
Apparently the romper is still the main focus of this outfit. X)

MGP has a lookbook category on their website, how sweet!
For those who have no idea what to dress up, you can refer to this!

How about a long dress for your fall?

MGP Label is one of the leading online store in Singapore & Malaysia. Their apparels are of high quality and workmanship. They offer free shipping to Malaysia (via Pos Malaysia) or customers can opt for Poslaju registered tracking at less than RM6. 

Good news for my readers! MGP is having a promotion of 10% discount on regular priced item for those who quote "CHENELLE" while check out, exclusively for my readers only! :D Valid till 15th December 2013. 

So many occassions in December! Guess it's time to shop for your clothing now! :D


Men and Skin Care?

Sunday, November 24, 2013 / ,

Today I would like to talk about my point of view of men who take care of their skin. I personally think that, men should take care of their skin regularly, because some men really have a oily and unkept skin!

OK granted that most men never really go for facials, but some never even use any skin care products, and this sometimes results in a lot of blackheads and whiteheads appearing on the nose and T zone, like so obvious! Girls, do you agree with me?

No offence, but what I think is, guys who have clear and matte skin give an approachable and attractive image. I am not saying men who have acne and blackheads are not approachable, but I think good skin definitely is an advantage, besides good features of course.

I found out that a couple of celebrities who I admire have a good skin too! One of the Chinese celebrities is Andy Lau.

He’s 52 years old but he’s still looking good like he is only 30+ years old!
I assume he really takes care of his skin very well.

A Caucasian celebrity I love is Justin Timberlake!
Justin may only be 32 years old, but I find his youthful complexion to be so attractive!

Men, who really take care of their skin, can be sexy and attractive. Having a good skin complexion would definitely be more attractive than those who have rough skin.

However, if you’ve noticed, some of the guys are overly obsessed with their own face, for example, look at the mirror every hour. I think that is considered as vanity, when guys are too obsessed about their own faces LOL.

I personally think that men who are metrosexual, who willing to spend on grooming and appearance, are fine and acceptable. They will spend on skin care products, gyms, hairdressers, etc. Slowly  but surely I’ve noticed that more and more guys in Kuala Lumpur are beginning to take some effort in personal grooming and that’s a good thing!

My boyfriend is one of those born with a good skin complexion, however I always ensure that I remind him that nothing lasts forever, especially if you don’t take care of it. What I’m trying to stress is that proper care of men’s complexion is important!

Now you guys know girls like me prefer men who take care of themselves, its time to make a small difference to your life, start to look good and feel good, and let the girls come to you *wink*?

One of the steps to get a great looking and non-oily complexion is cleansing. Cleansing is important because it cleanses your skin to unclog all dirt, oil and impurities from your skin. It refreshes your skin and makes you look good and feel good.

Nivea Men Total Anti Acne Mud Foam contains 0% harsh ingredients (i.e: Salicylic Acid), uses natural Magnolia Bark Extract that is gentle, yet effectively combat 10 acne signs without causing skin to get dry, easily irritated and red. Skin is clear and acne free making men 10x more confident.

10 signs of acne include bacteria, blackheads & whiteheads, blemish, dark acne spots, red marks, enlarged pores, acne scars, oiliness,  dull skin, uneven skin.

NIVEA MEN. It Starts With You.

For more info do head over to NIVEA MEN Malaysia's website: or NIVEA MEN Malaysia's Facebook page:

Icona Pop Showcase in KL, Malaysia

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 / ,

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone. 
I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn. 
I threw your sh*t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs. 
I crashed my car into the bridge. 
I don't care, I love it. I don't care.

Love this song! Been listening to this song all the time especially during workout or in the club! It was one of the Icona Pop's hit songs, hoping to see em in real and now my dreams come true! Icona Pop is coming to Malaysia for their showcase on 29th of November, Friday at Club Neverland, kl! 

Official video of I Love It by Icona Pop (feat. Charli XCX)

You could have a chance to meet them in person too! All you have to do is join the contest and stand a chance to win the ticket to party with Icona Pop! Join the biggest "I don't care, I love it" social movement via using the hashtag #MyIconicMovement. 

How to joint the Contest? 
Please note that in order to win the tickets, you have to register from Warner Music International Facebook Page (link:

1. Register your details on the app

2. Capture your best “I Don’t care, I love it” moment on pictures or videos(15Sec)

3. Post in on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hastag #MyIconicMoment

4. Multiple entries can be submitted to increase  your chances of winning but each submission must be different

Join the contest now and I shall see you there! :D

Secret Recipe Malaysia Joins the WeChat Family!

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I like attending WeChat event, it's like a gathering of bloggers, two activities that we will do during the event for sure, CHIT-CHAT and TAKE PICTURES XDDD Another thing is I love the WeChat pillow so much! 3 different WeChat events that I've attended so far, I've got 2 pillows and 2 mini cute one! How sweet are they! Thanks to WeChat and Secret Recipe Malaysia, we gathered again for the super sweet deal they've offered. 

Secret Recipe is one of my favorite local cafes in Malaysia, it offers fusion of western and asian cuisine, which is why it is undoubtedly acknowledged as award-winning local lifestyle cafe. Now, it's finally joined WeChat, opens an official account and offers super sweet deal for WeChat users! Told ya, WeChat user always got benefit haha!

Louis Song, Country Manager of WeChat Malaysia and Singapore, and Secret Recipe Brand Manager has announced the launch of collaboration between WeChat & Secret Recipe.

Modbox | Beauty Box

Monday, November 18, 2013 / , ,

I supposed most of the people who read blog are familiar with the beauty box that bloggers always talk about. Beauty box is a good deal for people who always like to try new products or do not wish to waste money. There are so many beauty box brands in the market, this time I would like to introduce Modbox, which offers the cheapest price for a beauty box! Don't believe me? Modbox is only RM9 excluding delivery postage. I AM NOT JOKING, IT'S RM9 PER BOX! Some of you may think, 'so cheap, sure got commitment la.' Let me tell you something, Modbox has no commitment or monthly plan, you just have to buy one and you get to choose the products yourself. Isn't it super worthy??

For a RM9 beauty box, you get to choose 3 products and add-on other products you like (optional, extra pay amount). To me, RM9 for 3 products is more than enough. 

Shu Uemura Sweet Red Collection, Makeup Tutorial

Friday, November 15, 2013 / ,

I hardly find any red lipstick that suits me well sometimes, you know, mostly red lipstick indicates sexy or classy, which I do not think I have it! :((( Glad that this time I'd got a chance to try out the new collection by Shu Uemura, Sweet Red Collection. Shu Uemura is introducing the fresh new shades of various type of red colors. Yes! There're different shades of red that brightens everyday life-blossoming flowers, sugary sweets, savory salmon, ripe fruit, etc... Shu Uemura's Sweet Red Collection can accessorize every skin tone and make us sparkle with an infinitely fresh spectrum of adorable reds! 

Sweet Red Collection
Sweet beige brown palette
Rouge limited, sweet devil rouge, spiky rose, mon shu red pure

Shu Uemura's rouge unlimited formula offers an endless world of red lip color with more unique shades and pure color. Shu Uemura has interpreted double hybrid pigment technology, Opaque core hybrid pigment and crystal core hybrid pigment, bring out a more vivid, wider range of color. Also, the sweet beige brown palette is a ideal match for sweet red rouge lips, can be used for daily, creates different shades and looks. It's limited edition by the way! 

I am going to show you 3 different looks of using the pressed eye shadow and rouge limited's lipsticks! :))

I've done with my base (Shu Uemura UV Under Base - pink), concealer and eyebrow before that, you can view the another makeup tutorial here.


Thursday, November 07, 2013 / , , ,

A short update before I back to my endless assignment life. There're so many things to update! First is travel posts, which has been due for so long! Europe, Hong Kong, ShenZhen... Next is product review posts, I am going to share with you my makeup tutorial soon in my next post! So stay tune! :D

Speaking of travelling, I must share this! During my recent Hong Kong trip, I accidentally bumped into the famous Stylenanda models, Sora and Minhee! I think I was the luckiest person in the world on that day, keep smiling the whole day my boyfriend thought I went crazy lol! I was too gan jiong till my face went pale when I was trying to take a selca with em. XDDD

 Sora, super fans of her!

 Minhee, they're super friendly I swear! 

 Alright, enough of the fans girl mode. Just done a shooting for one of the 8tv show, 8style few weeks ago with other pretty bloggers and it's going to on show at 24th of November, 2pm. Super excited for the outcome! 

That's all for the update!
Stay tune for the next post! :D

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