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Skin Care | MeO Derma Cleanser & Derma Vitaliser

Thursday, June 26, 2014 /

This month is another hectic month, and also considered as bad luck month to me, so many things happened! ): The truth is, life does not always go as planned, sometimes it effed up, but it's not the end of the world. Life still go on and there are many good things out there, I hope I can cheer myself up too! So, today I am going to share about my recent skin care routine, remember that I told you, skin is the most important of all despite of the features, people would love to see a clean and smooth face rather than a sharp features yet rough face. Lately, I have get to try another products that have been receiving positive feedback, MeO Derma Cleanser and Derma Vitaliser. 

MeO products originated from USA, with FDA certification and USA Patent: 6,645,508 B1 for its Amphiphilic Trans Epidermal Delivery System (ATeDS) Technology. In short, ATeDS technology allows formula to penetrate the skin rapidly down to the dermis to achieve maximum result of tissue repair.

Biotechnology cosmeceutical product is one of the greatest break-through in the advancement of skin care industry. It combines the concept of functional skincare and the GMP requirement of pharmaceuticals in order to assure the efficacy and safety of the product. Therefore, products focus is concentrated on the stability of active ingredients, its trans-dermal capability (effectiveness of skincare absorption) and most importantly, the safety of all ingredients used in the formulation.

MeO Derma Cleanser and Derma Vitaliser

MeO Derma Cleanser is basically a mousse type cleanser, it does not harm the skin, suitable for all skin type, and it softens the blackheads on your skin. MeO Cleanser also provides whitening and smoothing effect for the skin. 

Did I tell you that I am in love with mousse type cleanser lately? Cleansing my face becomes more fun and of course, I think my skin is cleaner and softer after using MeO Cleanser. 

MeO Derma Vitaliser basically acts as a toner, free of alcohol and it does not bring any harm to our skin, which is suitable for sensitive skin type as well. It smoothens and moisturizes the skin without causing any irritation. Using MeO Drama Vitalizer will implant an anti-irritant protection barrier on our skin to allows our skin feeling moisturize; shielding our skin's intercellular matrix from external environment conditions and preparing our skin to better absorb nourishing and health-beneficial skin products.

I like the texture of the toner, not sticky nor rich, feeling fresh after the application. Most importantly, it is easy to use! Just spray on the face and pat the face will do!

So now you know taking care of skin is as important as taking care of your health. Everyone loves glowing skin and I bet your mood will change based on your skin condition too. So I should keep my mood stay positive in order to keep my face healthy and smooth! :)

You can get it from 

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Carlsberg Friendship Challenge

Friday, June 20, 2014 / ,

Who doesn't love free stuff? People say usually you need to do something in order to get what you want, because there is no free thing in the world. What about giving you free stuff by enjoying a fun game with your friends? Sounds unbelievable right? Carlsberg makes your dreams come true! There is a Carlsberg Friendship Challenge running on around the town and what's the fun part is, you get to reward cans of Carlsberg in a fun way! The Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine is placed in the mall and you get to play game and win cans of Carlsberg! I was so excited to try on the machine, it was my first time heard of this kind of machine! So when the machine was placed at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, I went to check it out with my dearies!

 Careen, yours truly and Chanwon

There were a long queue when we reached there. See, noone would reject free beer by playing a game! But remember it's only for non-Muslim and aged 18 and above. 

Finally our turn! Chanwon and I were trying so hard to play this game! Ganjiongness to the max! I am so short but luckily still managed to reach the bottle lol!

 We are trying to pull down the bottles and hold it till it passed the stage.
Trick of the game, do not ever touch each other's bottle else it'll crack! 

 Macam yes right? Actually we are so nervous because everyone is looking at us!

We won the game! Ahem..

Here's the video of The Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine.

Check out this link for more information!

Carlsberg Malaysia's official fans page

klia2 | What’s In Your Bag?

Monday, June 16, 2014 /

What else would you do in the airport other than check in, make the tax refund and waiting to be on board? One thing I would do for sure is shop in the airport!

I’m sure most of you do that because some retail stores are duty-free, and there are shops and special promotions that we can’t even get in the shopping malls in town. Being a shopaholic, I like to explore airports whenever I manage to spare time in the airport. Lately, get to know a great news about the opening of new airport, klia2!
I suppose most of you have heard of the launch of klia2 in Malaysia, and there will have lots of retail selections including food and beverage, lifestyle, fashion, electronics, duty-free and non duty-free, etc… I guess everyone is excited as me for the new klia2!

Klia2is the biggest airport shopping mall in the world with 70,000 square meters and 225 stores will be opened in klia2. Some of the familiar brands are coming to klia2 as well, for instance Kiehl’s, Banana Republic, H&M, etc… I heard everyone’s favorite chill out spots such as Starbucks,  Old Town, and McDonald’s are rumored to be there too! There’re many more of course, I can’t name it all, you have to discover yourself!

In conjunction with the launch of klia2, they are having a very grand Giveaway for all of you! One can stand a chance to win RM5,000 of shopping spree in klia2 for every 15 days from 9 June to 23rd June 2014 at

Also, the ultimate winner will get to win RM25,000 spree at klia2! Awww! 

How to participate?

2. you will see the pop up that it shows the contest details.

3. Then, you can browse through the page, RM5,000 is given for you to spend

4.      Click “add to cart” for anything you choose.

5.      Once you’re done with RM5,000 items, you can now proceed to check-out.

6.      On the launching day itself, a lucky winner will be announced to win RM25,000 shopping spree at klia2.

These are my selections! finger cross that I can win! 

Note: Anyone who is above 18 years old will be eligible to participate.
Prize redemption will be available at klia2.

Anyway, I have participated in the contest, finger cross that I would win!

For more information, visit

Follow their Instagram  - @indulgemyairports
And Twitter - @indulge_my