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RHB Mid Autumn Festival Rewards

Friday, August 29, 2014 /

Not sure if anyone has the same thought as me, I love Mid Autumn Festival, as it is a festival that family member can get to reunion not only during Chinese New Year. Look around, how many of you are staying with your parents when you grow older? Even myself, my life is  basically based in kl, but I always try my best to go back once a month just to see my family. What we do when I go back to hometown is just a simple dinner. But my family and I feel content when we have our own family time. Speaking of Mid Autumn Festival, not to forget the must-have symbolic food, mooncake! Every year, I will look for mooncake with nice packaging and bring it back to hometown. In conjunction with the Mid Autumn Festival, RHB provides privileges for RHB card members again. 

You get to enjoy discount at selected restaurants below on mooncakes by presenting RHB card and make payment by it!

Terms and Conditions
  • Promotion is valid till 8 September 2014.
  • Payment must be made with RHB Cards.
  • Promotion is not valid for other promotions, vouchers, discounted items and any loyalty cards or privileges cards.
  • Privileges cannot be exchanged for cash.

Mid Autumn Festival, at which gift-giving is traditional not only among family members, but also between business contacts. 

I eyeing on the mooncakes of some restaurants already! Haha! 

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A Beauty Journey with Panasonic | Beauty Cafe

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 / , , ,

People who are living in the busy city nowadays would prefer home care more than going out to the saloon and pay for the service. Like myself, I have never do facial for years, not that I do not like to, but I would prefer to have a home care service by myself and I enjoy the process! Not sure if anyone has the same thought as me, I feel happy when I pamper my skin or body by using a nice home care products, while listen to relaxing music. Panasonic beauty products is just what I want! Stylish in design and innovative in Panasonic's nanoe technology. 

Last Thursday was a fun day, because Panasonic Beauty Malaysia has organized a beauty cafe experience for us. I have attended their event last time and it was fun! Glad that I could join them again and experienced the joy, Panasonic knows the needs of women, they showcased their latest range of beauty and grooming products, while covering 4 different areas from Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care, and Mobile Beauty, from head to toe, how sweet of them! The event was located at The Library Cafe, Nexus Bangsar South. 

RHB Promotion | LENOVO Zero Interest Installment

Saturday, August 23, 2014 /

Guys, are you excited for the promotion I'm going to share with you this week? RHB has too many promotions for their card members, I can't tell you all at once but you can always check out their page for more information! :)

This week, they offer 0% interest RHB Smart installment for selected LENOVO gadgets. Also, you get to enjoy 3 x reward points for every purchase

Method of purchase: 
  1. 0% Interest RHB Smart Instalment (3,12,18 and 24 months) or,
  2. Mail Order (Single Purchase) or,
  3. Fast Track (20,000 points + RM charged to RHB Credit Card).
Promotion Valid: 8 August 2014 - 30 November 2014

These are the selected LENOVO gadgets that you get to enjoy the offer! 

Wow! Such a good deal right? And it's only applied for RHB card members. You shall get one now! 

For more information, visit 

OOTD | Singapore Trip

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 / , ,

My recent trip was Singapore with babe Chanwon. It was a random trip, both of us decided to head over to Singapore and look for Kim! Anyway, I wanna thank Kim for the stays, she really did a lot of things and even brought us to amazing places! So touched! ;)

Gotta blog about the food trip soon! Before that, wanna share with you guys about my OOTD during the trip. OOTD shots credit to babe Chanwon! hehe

Day 1 

Top - anylove
Bottom - Zara 
Bag - Balenciaga giant city 

Day 2

 Top - Bugis market
Bottom - Bangkok
Shoes - Bangkok
Bag - Balenciaga giant city 

 Most matchable bag I have
I bring it for travel everytime

Favorite spot for clothes hunting
photo credit to Kim! 

Day 3

 Dress - anylove
Shoes - melissa 
Bag - Balenciaga giant city 

 Love the details of the dress

We got ourselves the same top! LOVE!

Stay tune for coming post!

Chanel Les 4 Ombres | 228 Tisse Cambon

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Remember when people ask me, why Chenelle? Is it because I love Chanel so much so I named myself after it? Or because I love branded? I guess no one would get it right, I had this name since I was 15 years old, by one of my dearest friend, where I had no idea what actually Chanel is and the existence of it. But, when I got to know Chanel, I once thought of changing my name because there were a lot of people who actually made fun of it. Now, after a deep thought, I decided to against it, we can't stop from what people think. After all, I shall be proud if you ever think of me when you see Chanel, not a bad thing! :)

So yeah, I love Chanel, from cosmetics to leather goods, you can tell that it already has a strong and remarkable branding that everyone would love to own it. Chanel Les 4 Ombres has came out with a new range of colors, including 8 new colors in 2014. Each palette has 4 different colors, you can actually use it separately or mix together, create various types of looks. All colors are wonderful and unique especially Tisse Venitien (232). What I have chosen for myself is Tisse Cambon (228), I choose this because it looks pretty at the first sight! 

From Iridescent mauve, Bluish pale pink, Blackcurrant velvet and Intense pink.
Every color looks gorgeous and luminous.

Not gonna show you the tutorial, just a quick short post on how it looks like on my eyes. Promise I will do another makeup tutorial! ;)

I apply pale pink as highlight on both eyes, then put on mauve on eyelid, because it creates metallic effect, so the eyes look bigger and shinier. Then I apply velvet on my outer lid and outer crease, to create a pair of deep-set eyes. Apply the intense pink on middle lid. 

There are a lot of ways to create different effects

 I don't fancy heavy make-up, so this look is fine and feminine. 
It creates a mysterious yet sweet look.
Love it! 

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Bangkok Girls' Trip | Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok

Sunday, August 17, 2014 / , , ,

Bangkok is always a paradise that we get to spend lesser, enjoy better things. It's true! You get to enjoy cheap and nice food, also the metered cab here is cheaper too! Imagine a normal hotel in Hong Kong or Singapore which cost around RM400++. But in Bangkok, you can get a nice hotel with a much cheaper price! During early of this year, I had another girls' shopping trip with my dearies. The hotel we stayed was awesome and affordable! So I am gonna share with you this awesome hotel, Centara Watergate Pavilion Hotel in Bangkok. 

First of all, the price is affordable, around RM200-300++. The hotel is grand, including the interior design of the lobby, to the service of the employees, it definitely worth more than it costs. Secondly, the strategic location of the hotel to MRT station and shopping malls such as Platinum mall, is a plus for the hotel. Of course, WIFI access is available here, but I have mentioned on previous Bangkok posts, the sim card for data unlimited access of 7 days is around 290 Thai Baht, so you can get one and easier for you to access internet everywhere. 

Lobby area

Easy RHB | Partnership with Lazada

Friday, August 15, 2014 /

This week I am gonna share with you another promotion offered by Easy RHB. Trust me, it's gonna surprise you. To be honest, I am really glad that I have signed up Easy RHB Smart Debit Card because they provide too many promotions and all the promotions are exactly what I need! Easy RHB collaborates with Lazada, provide unlimited RM20 discount shopping with Lazada with your Easy RHB Debit Card

For generation nowadays, we tend to prefer online shopping more than going out. I have more faith in online shopping now because they provide better service and also secure delivery.  

You get to enjoy RM20 instant discount each time you spend RM100 and above, top 2 spenders will win RM1500 or RM1000 Lazada voucher. The promotion period is from 1st of August 2014 till 31st of December 2014. 

Easy RHB emphasizes on 10 minutes fast banking, suitable for people who have busy lifestyle nowadays. 

For more information, visit

RHB Promotion @ O'Briens

Friday, August 01, 2014 /

What were you guys up to this holiday? Mine was simple, I went back to my hometown and spent time with my family. Baby nephew's full moon this Monday and my brother threw a bash for him. As we grow older, we might think that simple is the best after all. :)

Speaking of holiday, I know holiday ended in a blink of an eye, it might be a sense of loss that everyone is getting back to work or study, don't be! Because I am bringing good news for you guys! And it is specially for RHB card members. RHB is treating their consumers really good! 

Today onwards till 31st January 2015, RHB card members get to enjoy exclusive discount at O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar. 10% discount before 7pm and 15% discount after 7pm for all A La Carte items at O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar. 

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Promotion is valid till 31 January 2015.
  2. This campaign is applicable to all RHB Credit and Debit Cards.
  3. Not valid with other ongoing promotions and outlets at all airports.
  4. Maximum Cash Back of RM50 per month, per customer.
  5. Food images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary from the picture.

For those who do not own a RHB card, Debit Card or Credit Card, you should really get one! There would be more and more promotions coming up from RHB so stay tune on my blog! :)

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