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Travel with Samurai Pocket Wifi

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 / ,

Can you imagine a trip without wifi? Just came back from Tokyo and I would say the trip was amazingly awesome! Glad that I have Samurai pocket wifi that allow me to post live updates constantly even in Tokyo! Some may argued that wifi is convenient to get in city, but trust me, it’s not everywhere. What if you need to search for the routes while on the way to destination? What if you need to use wifi in the train? And everyone knows data roaming is pricey. Also, Japan Sim Lock condition and only available to Japan phone.

I am glad that I had Samurai pocket wifi during my trip. Some of the reasons I love Samurai Pocket Wifi:-

1. Unlimited data

In Japan, I on my pocket wifi 24/7. No joke, the data speed is extremely fast. I’d even streamed movie at night. With 2 smartphones, 1 laptop and 1 iPad, the speed is still remained the same. Need no to worry about the data gonna finish. Bravo!

2. 12 hours of battery life

I charged the pocket wifi overnight and since morning till midnight back to hotel, the battery life didn’t even reduce to half! I was quite surprised about it because the battery life is really long lasting even I on it 24/7.

3. Small and portable

Samurai pocket wifi is really small and portable. I can just put it inside my bag pack or pocket.

4. Hotspot sharing up to 10 devices

If you’re going in group, you guys can share a pocket wifi too! It can be shared up to 10 devices at one time. So convenient!

5. Simple steps

Okay, not being exaggerated, the steps are super simple! Hold on the power button to switch on, connect to Wifi Network (Network name (SSID) and Password (WPA Key) are stated behind the pocket wifi), then you’re connected and surf unlimitedly!

6. FOC Delivery

They delivered pocket wifi to my office during office hours, and collect from me at my office too. It’s a bonus as no need to trouble our time to go collect from them Hehe.

 Live update while having Hanami with boyfriend and Sharon Hehe.

You can tell how much I love the wifi, my feed are full of live updates!

See, Samurai pocket wifi is really small and portable.

For more information, visit their page.
Instagram: @samurai_wifi

Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean

Monday, April 06, 2015 /

It’s all black, white, and red. Guess what event I was attending?

Colgate has just launched its new Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean. Does charcoal sound new to you? Frankly speaking, charcoal has been used in daily life since thousands of years ago. Egyptians used charcoal’s absorption properties to mask ragged wounds in ancient times.

Now, charcoal has been used widely in many industries, including beauty industry. Charcoal helps to purify and deep-clean skin, so some beauty salons are using it as a mask. Colgate makes the move to introduce a toothpaste with charcoal too! Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean featuring Ultra Micro Charcoal particles penetrates deep into parts that hard to reach, for a superior deep clean.

Japan Travel Checklist

Thursday, April 02, 2015 / ,

I am so nervous! Can’t believe I am flying off to Japan in awhile! Need to make sure that I have everything with me, so now I’m making a travel checklist!

Sun screen protector
Travel guide
What else…

Other than toileteries and makeup, I have my top 3 must-have travel essentials, which are passport, camera, and pocketwifi! Beware of my social media, because I am gonna spam it with all the lives updates from Tokyo!