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Look Back with Solvil et Titus

Saturday, December 31, 2016 / ,

Nowadays, watches could be a symbolic of status, or simply an accessories of an outfit. It’s not about telling the time, it’s something more than that, that people will want to still wear it even smartphones took over.

2016 has come to the end, I usually like to reward myself with something before year end, to motivate myself as well as set a target or resolution. This New Year, I’ve decided to get myself a watch from Solvil et Titus, which is the Stainless Steel new Interlude collection. The watch was love at first sight, I like its elegance and sophistication, with my favorite gold color, definitely goes well with every outfit!

Great news is, Solvil Et et Titus is having a contest right now, giving away FREE watch to you! All you have to do is share a stylish photo of you wearing a watch and tell them why you want to win a Solvil Et et Titus watch with hashtag #LookBackwithSolviletTitus on Instagram.

Good luck guys!

For more information, please visit Solvil et Titus MY Facebook page. *T&Cs apply*
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OJO Shining Silk Cream | LAR VELLE Silk Mask

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 / ,

I've been always asked by people on the same question, about my secret of keeping a translucent and radiant complexion. I am thankful to have such skin condition, but of course nothing comes with gain and no pain. Something that I've always mentioned before, in order to whiten your skin, first you must moisture your skin. Been using 2 products from Maxilady (WeChat: chloelow11) that I really like it and would love to share with you guys, OJO Shining Silk Cream and Lar Velle Silk Mask, both are Korea made products.

I am using the second bottle of OJO Shining Silk Cream, I love its texture, non-sticky and easy to apply on skin. Basically it carries a lot of benefits.

Have you SMILED today? | Smile Makers

Thursday, November 17, 2016 / ,

Having significant others doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to experience the big ‘o’ every time. No one knows your body better than yourselves, which such technology advancement these days, we are blessed and spoilt with a variety choices of battery-operated orgasm inducers. It used to be big, bulky, oversized and not so discreet to have it laying around.

I was excited when Smile Makers Collection gave me an opportunity to try their products as i was in the midst of deciding which collection i should get for my first toy! The Collection has 4 variants, which are The Firemen, The Frenchmen, The Millionaire and The Tennis Coach.  Each only requires 1 AAA battery which will pleasure you for an estimate of 4 hour with 4 speed settings to set the pulsating pleasure of your choice. Curious to know what is what between these 4 personal massagers?

Here’s a bit more about our personal massagers with specific skills for each one them :-

Wine and Noodles? | GO Noodle House

Friday, October 14, 2016 / ,

Wherever there is nice food, you can always spot me around. Today I am bringing you to the past, GO Noodle House (有間麵館), with distinctive and Chinese's antique interior design, I somehow feel like dressing up in ancient costume to blend in the environment. I was attracted by the facade at first, and it took me sometime to figure out the Chinese signboard. Bottles of wines were displayed everywhere in the restaurant, wonder if it's part of decorations or serve as a purpose?

Always not a noodle person, but I am surprised the moment I tried out the noodles at GO Noodle House, it changed my mind! They specializes in handmade noodle, with variety selection of broth or soup. You can actually customized your own noodle, with different type of noodles (mi xian or bee hoon), soup (superior or spicy), add-ons. I personally like the mi xian noodle in superior soup, with 
pork belly, the portion is huge though, I couldn't finish a bowl most of the time. 

What so special about GO Noodle house? 

Styling Tip on Wearing a Right Bra

Friday, October 07, 2016 / ,

When I discover good things, I can't help myself to share it with you guys. Remember my previous posts about how I actually had issues when it comes to choosing a perfect-fitted bra? You can read it here. I am glad that I am on the right track now, because I know how to choose and pick a fitted bra according to my needs after I went to Triumph's fitting session last time. I've got myself plenty of new bras! I am sure a lot of girls wear different style of bras depending on the occasion and mood. This time, I am going to share about how I actually pair my bras according to occasions and mood.

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Tao Chinese Cuisine, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

Monday, September 12, 2016 / , ,

Pretty mooncakes in beautiful packaging are selling everywhere these days. Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival (中秋節), basically it's like Chinese's Thanksgiving Day, is one of my favourite festivals becauseeeeeeee..... the mooncakes' packaging are just too pretty! I usually hunt for mooncakes for my family as a gift every year, surely design of the box and flavour are my considerations.

This year, I've been attracted by mooncakes from Tao Chinese Cuisine, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur, which carefully handcrafted by master dim sum Chef Lo Tian Sion, with 10 choices of mooncakes, priced at RM26 nett per piece onwards for classic baked skin and RM28 nett per piece onwards for snowskin mooncakes. Available from 27th of July to 15th of September 2016.

My Plastic Surgery Story In Korea | PART 2

Sunday, July 10, 2016 / ,

Hi guys! I'm back for part 2 update! This is about my plastic surgery story in ID Hospital, Korea. Sooooo happy that there're actually a lot of readers sending personal messages to me, full of love and care, truly appreciate it guys! THANK YOU! *love* I am feeling good and it's been 3 months after surgery, everything is great and I noticed my face and nose look more defined day by day. If you haven't watch PART 1, you can read here and watch the video here.

I had been asked to fast for 8 hours before the surgery because of general anesthesia. For a big eater like me, I've got to say it ain't easy! The surgery was a success though and it took around 7 hours. When I awakened from anesthesia, it was evening already. I'd been asked not to consume anything yet and sleep for 5 hours for the safety. MEANING I DIDN'T CONSUME ANYTHING FOR ALMOST 24HOURS! I wanted to tell you guys, from operation till recovery period, the only most suffering part to me was that, I need to fast and stay awake after awakened from general anesthesia, for freaking 5 HOURS. I remembered Ms. Anna, my road manager from docfinderkorea was there to accompany me, and I had lost my temper, kept kicking the bed, yelling for water. Ms. Anna was constantly telling me that it was for my safety that I should not drink nor sleep. Fortunately I followed what nurse told me, to keep inhale and exhale, to get rid of the anesthesia from my body, so she allowed me to drink after 3 and half an hours.

One Day In Hanbok | Seoul, Korea

Monday, June 20, 2016 / , ,

Wearing Hanbok and walking around historic places, it is just like a dream come true! I have always adored tradition and culture of every country, Hanbok is a traditional clothing of Korea, I've tried once when I first visited Seoul but it was a 15-minutes duration and I'd only got to take photo in the centre as it was free of charge. One great thing of wearing Hanbok is that you get to visit some palaces for FREE! Since I was with my BFF, Carmen Layrynn in Seoul, we signed up TRAZY.COM to get the ONE DAY HANBOK RENTAL. If you've read about my Cherry Blossom in Seoul post, you would know about TRAZY. If you haven't, you can read here. We signed up Trazy's package as it offered a discounted rental price for the package. 


Travel + Crazy = Trazy

TRAZY actually allows you to discover and book latest, newest, trendiest things/activities to do in Korea at discounted price. For example, they have a list of where to visit during cherry blossom season, and they offered tour packages for all the travellers, need not to worry about transportation already when you book through their website! 

My Plastic Surgery Story In Korea| Part 1

Sunday, June 12, 2016 / ,

Trust that a lot of you have heard of my plastic surgery in ID Hospital, Korea, if you're following my social media platforms, especially Snapchat! I've did plastic surgery in end of March, together with my bff, CarmenLayrynn. I know it's not something that should proud of, but I feel like I want to share this out to you, as there are not many reviews that I could get while researching for plastic surgery. So I hope that my sharing will helps.

"Why you go for plastic surgery? You're pretty enough!" 
"Why you want to do plastic surgery? You will have a lot of bad comments!"
"I don't think plastic surgery is a good idea."

Ezbuy, Easy Buy!

Friday, June 03, 2016 /

Everyone loves online shopping, so do I. To be honest, I do online shopping at least twice a month, however, most of the time the shipping fee that I've paid is more costly than the item, because it's from US websites or Taobao. Sometimes what makes me fed up is that they do not provide shipping to Malaysia, just like Kylie lip kit that I've got last month, owing to the shipping area does not include Malaysia, my friend had to ship it to Singapore and asked friend to post it to us. How trouble it is!

Lately, I've discovered something that could solve this problem! ezbuy Malaysia provides shopping service from China, USA, and Taiwan. Anything you want to get, just let them know and they will help you and send it to your doorstep! It's hassle free and convenient! 

Make Beautiful Happen Continues...

Monday, May 23, 2016 / , ,

If I am not mistaken, this was my fifth time attending Panasonic Beauty Workshop, in conjunction with their newly launched products, I am always excited for their launching products, as I get to try out all of them and share it with you guys! So can you guys guess what are the products this time from my first photo? Alright, the hint is obvious so I am just gonna tell you, this styling brush iron is one of the newly launched products. Besides, there are two other new products which associate with face.

Panasonic Beauty Malaysia always understands what women need, and they want Malaysian women to embrace and maintain their beauty. "MAKE BEAUTIFUL HAPPEN", Panasonic Beauty Malaysia creates a beautiful environment by spreading the joy of making oneself beautiful.

The newly launched products are 2 Face Care models and 1 Hair Care model.

The Dove Salon

Monday, May 16, 2016 / , ,

A bad hair to me is like a bad day, not only it affects our emotions, but it affects our identity as well. Well, I am not being judgemental, but I think hair does represent ourselves and also boost our self-confidence. Come to think about it, it's true that hair links to a lot of things, when your hair is too fine, frizzy, too dry, damaged and falling out, your emotions and self-esteem are ruined. This explains how important our hair is and with all the damages caused by heat, chemical, harsh weather conditions, women today really needs a better hair care.

And this is why Dove launches an improved hair care range that offers superior nourishment solutions that caters to different type of hair needs for the women which is called the Dove Nutritive Solutions. There are 6 different hair care range in Dove Nutritive Solutions range.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival 2016 | Korea

Monday, May 09, 2016 / ,

Life is fragile yet overwhelmingly beautiful... Agree? 

One of the best things about spring is... CHERRY BLOSSOM! Imagine walking in the park, with all the blushing blooming trees along. I'd been to Tokyo once during spring season and that is when I started falling in love with cherry blossoms. Seriously, they're breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL, truly blew me away! Other than Japan, Korea is another place you can actually enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms, there're a few places that you ought to visit! 

Cherry blossom shows the fragility and the beauty of life, they're beautiful yet tragically short. They somehow remind us how precious our life is and we have to cherish the beautiful moment of our life. It's not easy to catch cherry blossoms though, as the blooming of the cherry blossoms varies every year and it usually lasts for two weeks. BUT, wind or rain will shorten the period, so you have to catch the time precisely if you want to see the cherry when they are in bloom. 

This was my first time visiting cherry blossoms in Korea, while searching for the cherry blossom places in Korea, I stumbled upon TRAZY.COM, there were a list of cherry blossoms activities going on!


Travel + Crazy = Trazy

TRAZY actually allows you to discover and book latest, newest, trendiest things/activities to do in Korea at discounted price. For example, they have a list of where to visit during cherry blossom season, and they offered tour packages for all the travellers, need not to worry about transportation already when you book through their website! 


Saturday, May 07, 2016 / ,

As you grow older, health is always the most concern issue, do you agree? Have you noticed the changes of your parents as you grow up? They're not as strong as before, and also declining of health. Staying healthy is not easy as you age. You have to take care of your diet, keep physically and socially active, etc. Nothing is more important than having a good health and free from physical illness. Recently I've discovered something that I think it's good for health and suitable for elderly or even children. It's Shine Bokbunja Vinegar and N-Zyme. What I like about these products is they do not contain any preservatives nor colorant, it's made of natural fruit flavouring and it's 100% vegetarian.


BOK: Turning over
BUN: Chamber Pot
JA: Man

Bokbunja is basically wild black raspberries. Story-telling time! 

There was a hunter lost his way home, he ate some wild raspberries as he was hungry. The next morning, the strong effects of the raspberries caused such forceful urination that it overturned the urine basin when he urinated in it. Also, the hunter's wife who was unable to conceive for many years suddenly became pregnant. 

This is how "The man turning over the chamber pot" (BOKBUNJA) came from. 

Bokbunja contains numerous essential nutrients that gives you a lot of health benefits, and it helps to invigorate liver and kidney functions, as well as achieve rejuvenation. 

Into the Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 / ,

Even though Halloween has passed a while ago, I still want to share this amazing cafe with you. Ahem, I shall not let my procrastination defeats me! Most of you might not know that my hometown is Sungai Petani, a small town where the place is full of joy and love. I love this small town because I grew up here, family and friends are here, everything is so simple here. Hence I keep my habit of coming home once a month, the journey isn't long, at least still within Peninsular Malaysia HAHA! One of the routine activities that I will always do, is to have plenty of gatherings with my friends and family! That's the activity that people do the most when they're back to hometown. And so, I have found a cozy and nice cafe that I really fond of, Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate.

Blackwood has 8 branches currently in Northern Malaysia, lately they just opened a new branch in Pearl City Mall, Tambun Penang. Their specialties are not only making aromatic coffee, they serve good food too. I love how they put effort in decorating the cafe to greet different celebrations, definitely a thumb up. I remember Blackwood is always our first choice of gathering location Haha!

Other than that, I love their signature lamb shank, which is also chef's recommendation. By the way, I like their Oreo crepe cake! Menu is provided on their website, you may have a look before visiting the cafe.

Luxury are affordable, own & sell luxury goods at your fingertip!

Monday, April 04, 2016 / ,

Every girl dreams of having designer bag, it’s just in our habit, that we wish to own our favorite designer bags. Let’s be realistic, not everyone can affort to buy a designer bag from the main outlet, and it’s not easy to just take out a lump sum of cash for just a designer bag. 

I strumbled upon Reebonz when I was researching for my favorite bag, they actually offered member exclusive price for the bag that I always wanted! 

"Reebonz" (pronounced rib-bons), a member-only luxury-commerce website that has more than 800 designer labels, hundreds new items on sale daily. If you couldn't find the items you want, come back tomorrow. Their merchandise refresh everyday 10am, all items and prices are available on the website while stocks last and while the event runs. Before you could see the special price, you will have to sign up as a member, Reebonz member will get unlimited access to thousands of luxuries at exclusive discount up to 60% OFF & many more

Other than that, It also has the widest Louis Vuitton & Chanel range for both brand new & pre-owned edition on Reebonz Closets. If you are a vintage lover, be sure to check out Reebonz Closets on their App! You can buy or sell pre-owned luxury, make offer and negotiate with buyers/ sellers. The first ever buying & selling app with largest fashion community in Malaysia.

Don't miss a series of exciting & jaw-dropping sale this month, also a month Reebonz turned 7, Reebonz held Saleversary with never-before sale up to 90% OFF sitewide this month for members. 

When you find items you love, all items are with limited quantity & up to 60% OFF everyday, grab it fast before anyone does! 

Woohoo, I just got my designer bag, can’t wait to show you guys! 

Shop now at!
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Mode Sathorn Hotel | Bangkok

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 / , , , ,

If you're hipster traveller, looking for a designer hotel in Bangkok, which nearby BTS, with affordable rate, you would not want to miss Mode Sathorn Hotel. It is located right in front of the BTS, with accessible to a lot of places. In the previous post of Hua Hin, I talked about Thai Rent A Car in Bangkok. We drove from airport to the hotel ourselves by using Waze! *self-clapped* It wasn't really far, around 30 minutes driving distance. 

Speaking of Mode Sathorn Hotel, I kinda of liked the contemporary design of the hotel, Chency and I stayed at two different types of the rooms, business studio and deluxe mode (metropolitan chic) room. To be honest, we actually spent the entire day in the hotel, just to explore and enjoy the facilities. There were restaurants, spa, swimming pool, gym, etc provided in the hotel. We had our breakfast at The Sathorn, then lunch at BLD, later on dinner and drink at The Roof @38th floor. See! We had our 3 meals in the hotel! 

24-hour reception

Deluxe Mode Room
(Metropolitan Chic)

I personally like this type of room because of its bright interior with a chic and personalised style. The business studio is ideal for business travellers, with dark and classy interior. 

Business Studio

The Sathorn 

The Sathorn has really amazing interior, too bad it only open for breakfast. 

Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool

(All-day dining)

After a long day walk and shopping, a proper lunch or high tea was definitely needed. BLD served fusion cuisine and it was scrumptious! 

Borisud Pure Spa

Frankly, I personally think that spa is a must in Bangkok, we had our spa and body massages at Borisud Pure Spa and it was soooooo relaxing. 

Overall, even though Mode Sathorn Hotel is a fashionable lifestyle design hotel, but it is inexpensive and with the service and strategic location, I would definitely highly recommend this hotel!

144 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak
Telephone: +6626234555
Fax: +6626234666

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I'm Coming, Beach!

Friday, March 04, 2016 / ,

A place where the hot sun lights up the white sand beaches, wave crashes against the shores... 

YAY, another summer trip is calling! Currently doing a travel checklist, and I think these are the most important things for me. Passport, shades, sunblock, lip balm, and of course, pocket wifi! It allows me to share my latest update over there, so remember to stay tune for my summer updates! 

For more information, visit

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Sephora Malaysia Goes Online, Yay!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 / , ,

Would you rather spending your time on the sofa, browsing through your favourite sites and hunting for variety brands of beauty products, or having to spend the time in the store, queuing to purchase? I wouldn't say I dislike the latter one, but occasionally of course I would prefer sitting on my favourite spot, adding beauty products into cart easily without having to step out of the house. I reckon you've already know what I am gonna talk about regarding the title, YES! I am glad that Sephora Malaysia finally goes online! For those who do not know, Luxola has been rebranded to

Surely I am overjoyed about this great news, imagine we do not have to step out of house to purchase beauty products anymore? And the convenience of checking the price on the site, also the information of the beauty products can be easily found on Sephora Malaysia. I've already gotten myself some of the products from the site!

Entering Paradise, The Sea-Cret Garden, Hua Hin

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 / , , ,

Summer is never my thing, not even beach nor sunlight. Yes, I admit that I wasn't a summer girl, not till this trip. For the past travels, bikini trip was never in the list, not because I am afraid of getting tanned (maybe partly because of that), it's because I don't know how to SWIM. All this while I have never mentioned this to you, I am actually suffering from aquaphobia, a persistent and abnormal fear of water. "People suffer aquaphobia in many ways and may experience it even though they realize the water in an ocean, a river, or even a bathtub poses no imminent threat."  Not sure any of you have heard of it, but this makes my entire life harder as I don't get to understand the "find the peace underwater" thingy. I don't lie about that, so all this while I was trying to solve this phobia, by learning how to swim. Before this trip, I actually asked boyfriend to teach me, at least staying in the pool without fear. 

Alright, stop the crap and back to the topic! I've been to Hua Hin once but it was just a quick tour to Santorini Park. For those who're going to Hua Hin, I recommend you to stay for at least two days, as you're going to spare a day for the villa! Heard so much about this villa before that, so my girl friends and I have decided to stay at The Sea-Cret Garden, Hua Hin. The reason why I recommend this hotel is because it is affordable, around MYR250-350, and secondly it is very photo-worthy! Be prepared 'cause I am going to spam you with lots of photos! 

We went there by rented car called Thai Rent A Car, you can find it easily in airport and it actually costs us around 1100THB for 1-6 days for Mitsubishi Mirage, I think it's super cheap because you can drive anywhere by using Waze, and you can find any type of car models here. We'd actually drove to Santorini Park before heading back to Bangkok. It took us around 2 and half an hour to got to the villa. 

Lavieflo | Launch of Pour Tourjours

Tuesday, February 02, 2016 /

Ever heard of everlasting love? Do you believe in this? There is a story, telling that a young man named Etienne, who always left home for the war, and three important women in his life, mother, wife and sister, who would always waiting for his return. He gave the flowers to the women every time he left, but the flowers never lasted for more than a week, leaving behind wilted remnants of memories and fears of unknown. So one day, he stumbled upon something extraordinary, he again presented a bouquet to each woman of his life. As the days passed, women watched her blooms and expecting the usual signs of waning. The days turned into weeks, weeks into months. The women watched. First in amazement, and then with pleasure, as the flowers continued to bloom, seemingly untouched by the passing of time and brimming with promise. Etienne finally returned home and still, the flowers bloomed. 

I am touched by the story. To be frankly, I love real flowers, but I feel sad when I see it wilting day by day. How good if the flowers are real and won't die? Guess what, Lavieflo has it! In conjunction with Valentine's Day 2016, they have launched "Pour Toujours" collection (The Forever Collection), namely Boxed and Bouquet. Inspired by the concept of everlasting love and eternal memories, Lavieflo specialises in floral artistry with emphasis on preserved real flowers in its creations. I have love at first sight for the whole collection, especially Gracious, from the first photo. Was invited to the launch of Valentine's Day collection, and we get to make our very own flower boxes, yay! 

CNY shopping with

Monday, January 25, 2016 /

Having few pairs of shoes are not enough for me, always want to add a new pair into the shoes collection. Even though we have a lot of pairs of shoes, but we always think that there isn’t enough! Am I right Girls? Haha! From my experience, it is ought to have different pairs of shoes in order to matches variety of occasions, such as work, workout, travel, events, etc. Buying shoes online has never been easy now, here are the shortlisted 10 pairs of shoes from Lazada that I personally think is great for different occasions. If you love shopping  in Singapore, check it out!

1. Jetting Buy Leather Over The Knee Motorcycle Boots Beige (SGD61.00)

Only Lobster | Pince & Pints, Bangsar

Sunday, January 17, 2016 / , ,

If you're Lobster lover, you have probably heard of this place before, Pince and Pints which originates from Singapore, has it here in Malaysia. Interesting thing is, you do not have to waste much time on choosing the food as there are only 4 options on the menu. Either in grilled or steamed, Lobster roll, chilli lobster and lobster noodles, you get to eat lobster in different cooking methods. I personally kind of fond of lobster, so decided to have boyfie's birthday dinner here. We ordered two lobster, which were Lobster Roll and Chilli Lobster. To be honest, I haven't really get to try restaurant which mainly focuses on lobster and this was my first one, I give a thumb up for the service as well as food quality. I would suggest anyone to come with around 4-6 persons so you get to order all the 4 lobster dishes! A friendly reminder that it's better to make reservations as the time is limited.