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Sephora Malaysia Goes Online, Yay!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 / , ,

Would you rather spending your time on the sofa, browsing through your favourite sites and hunting for variety brands of beauty products, or having to spend the time in the store, queuing to purchase? I wouldn't say I dislike the latter one, but occasionally of course I would prefer sitting on my favourite spot, adding beauty products into cart easily without having to step out of the house. I reckon you've already know what I am gonna talk about regarding the title, YES! I am glad that Sephora Malaysia finally goes online! For those who do not know, Luxola has been rebranded to

Surely I am overjoyed about this great news, imagine we do not have to step out of house to purchase beauty products anymore? And the convenience of checking the price on the site, also the information of the beauty products can be easily found on Sephora Malaysia. I've already gotten myself some of the products from the site!

Entering Paradise, The Sea-Cret Garden, Hua Hin

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 / , , ,

Summer is never my thing, not even beach nor sunlight. Yes, I admit that I wasn't a summer girl, not till this trip. For the past travels, bikini trip was never in the list, not because I am afraid of getting tanned (maybe partly because of that), it's because I don't know how to SWIM. All this while I have never mentioned this to you, I am actually suffering from aquaphobia, a persistent and abnormal fear of water. "People suffer aquaphobia in many ways and may experience it even though they realize the water in an ocean, a river, or even a bathtub poses no imminent threat."  Not sure any of you have heard of it, but this makes my entire life harder as I don't get to understand the "find the peace underwater" thingy. I don't lie about that, so all this while I was trying to solve this phobia, by learning how to swim. Before this trip, I actually asked boyfriend to teach me, at least staying in the pool without fear. 

Alright, stop the crap and back to the topic! I've been to Hua Hin once but it was just a quick tour to Santorini Park. For those who're going to Hua Hin, I recommend you to stay for at least two days, as you're going to spare a day for the villa! Heard so much about this villa before that, so my girl friends and I have decided to stay at The Sea-Cret Garden, Hua Hin. The reason why I recommend this hotel is because it is affordable, around MYR250-350, and secondly it is very photo-worthy! Be prepared 'cause I am going to spam you with lots of photos! 

We went there by rented car called Thai Rent A Car, you can find it easily in airport and it actually costs us around 1100THB for 1-6 days for Mitsubishi Mirage, I think it's super cheap because you can drive anywhere by using Waze, and you can find any type of car models here. We'd actually drove to Santorini Park before heading back to Bangkok. It took us around 2 and half an hour to got to the villa. 

Lavieflo | Launch of Pour Tourjours

Tuesday, February 02, 2016 /

Ever heard of everlasting love? Do you believe in this? There is a story, telling that a young man named Etienne, who always left home for the war, and three important women in his life, mother, wife and sister, who would always waiting for his return. He gave the flowers to the women every time he left, but the flowers never lasted for more than a week, leaving behind wilted remnants of memories and fears of unknown. So one day, he stumbled upon something extraordinary, he again presented a bouquet to each woman of his life. As the days passed, women watched her blooms and expecting the usual signs of waning. The days turned into weeks, weeks into months. The women watched. First in amazement, and then with pleasure, as the flowers continued to bloom, seemingly untouched by the passing of time and brimming with promise. Etienne finally returned home and still, the flowers bloomed. 

I am touched by the story. To be frankly, I love real flowers, but I feel sad when I see it wilting day by day. How good if the flowers are real and won't die? Guess what, Lavieflo has it! In conjunction with Valentine's Day 2016, they have launched "Pour Toujours" collection (The Forever Collection), namely Boxed and Bouquet. Inspired by the concept of everlasting love and eternal memories, Lavieflo specialises in floral artistry with emphasis on preserved real flowers in its creations. I have love at first sight for the whole collection, especially Gracious, from the first photo. Was invited to the launch of Valentine's Day collection, and we get to make our very own flower boxes, yay!