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Make Beautiful Happen Continues...

Monday, May 23, 2016 / , ,

If I am not mistaken, this was my fifth time attending Panasonic Beauty Workshop, in conjunction with their newly launched products, I am always excited for their launching products, as I get to try out all of them and share it with you guys! So can you guys guess what are the products this time from my first photo? Alright, the hint is obvious so I am just gonna tell you, this styling brush iron is one of the newly launched products. Besides, there are two other new products which associate with face.

Panasonic Beauty Malaysia always understands what women need, and they want Malaysian women to embrace and maintain their beauty. "MAKE BEAUTIFUL HAPPEN", Panasonic Beauty Malaysia creates a beautiful environment by spreading the joy of making oneself beautiful.

The newly launched products are 2 Face Care models and 1 Hair Care model.

The Dove Salon

Monday, May 16, 2016 / , ,

A bad hair to me is like a bad day, not only it affects our emotions, but it affects our identity as well. Well, I am not being judgemental, but I think hair does represent ourselves and also boost our self-confidence. Come to think about it, it's true that hair links to a lot of things, when your hair is too fine, frizzy, too dry, damaged and falling out, your emotions and self-esteem are ruined. This explains how important our hair is and with all the damages caused by heat, chemical, harsh weather conditions, women today really needs a better hair care.

And this is why Dove launches an improved hair care range that offers superior nourishment solutions that caters to different type of hair needs for the women which is called the Dove Nutritive Solutions. There are 6 different hair care range in Dove Nutritive Solutions range.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival 2016 | Korea

Monday, May 09, 2016 / ,

Life is fragile yet overwhelmingly beautiful... Agree? 

One of the best things about spring is... CHERRY BLOSSOM! Imagine walking in the park, with all the blushing blooming trees along. I'd been to Tokyo once during spring season and that is when I started falling in love with cherry blossoms. Seriously, they're breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL, truly blew me away! Other than Japan, Korea is another place you can actually enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms, there're a few places that you ought to visit! 

Cherry blossom shows the fragility and the beauty of life, they're beautiful yet tragically short. They somehow remind us how precious our life is and we have to cherish the beautiful moment of our life. It's not easy to catch cherry blossoms though, as the blooming of the cherry blossoms varies every year and it usually lasts for two weeks. BUT, wind or rain will shorten the period, so you have to catch the time precisely if you want to see the cherry when they are in bloom. 

This was my first time visiting cherry blossoms in Korea, while searching for the cherry blossom places in Korea, I stumbled upon TRAZY.COM, there were a list of cherry blossoms activities going on!


Travel + Crazy = Trazy

TRAZY actually allows you to discover and book latest, newest, trendiest things/activities to do in Korea at discounted price. For example, they have a list of where to visit during cherry blossom season, and they offered tour packages for all the travellers, need not to worry about transportation already when you book through their website! 


Saturday, May 07, 2016 / ,

As you grow older, health is always the most concern issue, do you agree? Have you noticed the changes of your parents as you grow up? They're not as strong as before, and also declining of health. Staying healthy is not easy as you age. You have to take care of your diet, keep physically and socially active, etc. Nothing is more important than having a good health and free from physical illness. Recently I've discovered something that I think it's good for health and suitable for elderly or even children. It's Shine Bokbunja Vinegar and N-Zyme. What I like about these products is they do not contain any preservatives nor colorant, it's made of natural fruit flavouring and it's 100% vegetarian.


BOK: Turning over
BUN: Chamber Pot
JA: Man

Bokbunja is basically wild black raspberries. Story-telling time! 

There was a hunter lost his way home, he ate some wild raspberries as he was hungry. The next morning, the strong effects of the raspberries caused such forceful urination that it overturned the urine basin when he urinated in it. Also, the hunter's wife who was unable to conceive for many years suddenly became pregnant. 

This is how "The man turning over the chamber pot" (BOKBUNJA) came from. 

Bokbunja contains numerous essential nutrients that gives you a lot of health benefits, and it helps to invigorate liver and kidney functions, as well as achieve rejuvenation.