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One Day In Hanbok | Seoul, Korea

Monday, June 20, 2016 / , ,

Wearing Hanbok and walking around historic places, it is just like a dream come true! I have always adored tradition and culture of every country, Hanbok is a traditional clothing of Korea, I've tried once when I first visited Seoul but it was a 15-minutes duration and I'd only got to take photo in the centre as it was free of charge. One great thing of wearing Hanbok is that you get to visit some palaces for FREE! Since I was with my BFF, Carmen Layrynn in Seoul, we signed up TRAZY.COM to get the ONE DAY HANBOK RENTAL. If you've read about my Cherry Blossom in Seoul post, you would know about TRAZY. If you haven't, you can read here. We signed up Trazy's package as it offered a discounted rental price for the package. 


Travel + Crazy = Trazy

TRAZY actually allows you to discover and book latest, newest, trendiest things/activities to do in Korea at discounted price. For example, they have a list of where to visit during cherry blossom season, and they offered tour packages for all the travellers, need not to worry about transportation already when you book through their website! 

My Plastic Surgery Story In Korea| Part 1

Sunday, June 12, 2016 / ,

Trust that a lot of you have heard of my plastic surgery in ID Hospital, Korea, if you're following my social media platforms, especially Snapchat! I've did plastic surgery in end of March, together with my bff, CarmenLayrynn. I know it's not something that should proud of, but I feel like I want to share this out to you, as there are not many reviews that I could get while researching for plastic surgery. So I hope that my sharing will helps.

"Why you go for plastic surgery? You're pretty enough!" 
"Why you want to do plastic surgery? You will have a lot of bad comments!"
"I don't think plastic surgery is a good idea."

Ezbuy, Easy Buy!

Friday, June 03, 2016 /

Everyone loves online shopping, so do I. To be honest, I do online shopping at least twice a month, however, most of the time the shipping fee that I've paid is more costly than the item, because it's from US websites or Taobao. Sometimes what makes me fed up is that they do not provide shipping to Malaysia, just like Kylie lip kit that I've got last month, owing to the shipping area does not include Malaysia, my friend had to ship it to Singapore and asked friend to post it to us. How trouble it is!

Lately, I've discovered something that could solve this problem! ezbuy Malaysia provides shopping service from China, USA, and Taiwan. Anything you want to get, just let them know and they will help you and send it to your doorstep! It's hassle free and convenient!