My Plastic Surgery Story In Korea| Part 1

Trust that a lot of you have heard of my plastic surgery in ID Hospital, Korea, if you're following my social media platforms, especially Snapchat! I've did plastic surgery in end of March, together with my bff, CarmenLayrynn. I know it's not something that should proud of, but I feel like I want to share this out to you, as there are not many reviews that I could get while researching for plastic surgery. So I hope that my sharing will helps.

"Why you go for plastic surgery? You're pretty enough!" 
"Why you want to do plastic surgery? You will have a lot of bad comments!"
"I don't think plastic surgery is a good idea."

A lot of opinions came from my friends or people who know me. To be honest, I was not satisfy with my long face and asymmetric nose all these while. No one is perfect, but I think plastic surgery increases my self-esteem. Fixing an imbalance or defect has made a big difference in my looks, as well as my self-esteem.

Guess what, another thing that makes me REALLY HAPPY is that, NO MORE PHOTOSHOP! I understand that most of the people will photoshop (liquify or smoothen) own face features or body in order to look more perfect in the photo, so did I. I don't lie, I photoshopped my chin outward, face smaller, nose straighter, as well as forehead. I did these for most of my photos, imagine how long I took to upload one photo? LOL And also overly doing it only makes you become two different person, in real life and in photo. I remembered a friend of mine had an excellent photoshop skills, she always did her magic on her face and body, she looked so perfect (tall, skinny, sharp features), sadly a lot of people say that she looked so different in person. I am really glad that plastic surgery reduces my time of editing photos!

I personally think that there's no right or wrong in doing plastic surgery. If it makes you happy and it doesn't hurt anyone, there's nothing wrong with doing plastic surgery. Of course, you may have your reasons of not doing it, it's up to you. No one could ever force you to do something you do not like, right? Some people are blessed with what they have, depending on your points of views. No matter how, as long as you're happy with your appearance, be happy and be confident!


I've chosen ID Hospital to do my surgery with the assistance of Docfinderkorea. I am really glad that the surgery trip was a pleasant trip. If you ask me why I need Docfinderkorea to assist me instead of approaching hospital myself, let me tell you my experience. Docfinderkorea has provided me the list of doctors and clinics which are suitable for my needs to let me choose from, arranged the hotels and consultations, everything was planned smoothly once I landed Korea! Mr. Shin Park and Ms. Anna (road manager) from Docfinderkorea were there for me all the time, during consultation, before surgery, during surgery as well as recovery period. I did not pay for Docfinderkorea as their services were free, instead I only had to pay for my medical surgery fee to ID Hospital. I heard that Docfinderkorea works on a commission basis, but the commission does not affect the surgery price we pay to them. I've got the quotation from ID Hospital when I sent them an email separately. The best thing was that Docfinderkorea helped me to bargain for more discount after face to face consultation. YAY!

I believe some of you might heard of LET ME IN Korean tv show before, it's a Korean plastic surgery makeover show. I remembered I've got to know ID Hospital because of Huh, Ye-Eun transformation story in LET ME IN. I was impressed by her huge transformation and she is so pretty now! ID Hospital is famous of their facial bone surgery with global medical technology, and also I heard they're one of the top hospitals in Korea! So I have chosen ID Hospital for my plastic surgery.

I've consulted two different doctors, Doctor Jae Hyun Kwon, who is a facial bone contouring specialist, and Doctor Seung Moon Baek, who is a Rhinoplasty specialist. There were so many doctors at ID Hospital, I had a hard time choosing one initially. Another reason why I chose Docfinderkorea is because they could tell me which doctor is more popular among locals and has the best performance. I corresponded about 4~5 months with Docfinderkorea in order to plan my trip, and they always answered all my questions thoroughly and in the friendliest way, so I always had the feeling of being well taken care of. There were a lot of road managers in Docfinderkorea with various language skills, which was a good thing for a foreigner like me! For those who're planning to visit Korea for consultation, you could email them in Indonesian, English or Chinese. 

A translator as well as Mr. Shin Park from Docfinderkorea were there for me all the time during consultation. Doctor Kwon spoke fluent English though! I told him about my concerns and he gave some surgery suggestions. Because of long face, he said the first option would be two-jaw surgery, which is the most invasive surgery. Second option would be V-line surgery, with a few other surgeries, including chin filler removal and chin moving forward, accu-sculpting on cheeks, fats grafting on forehead. I went for second option as I was afraid of the most invasive surgery. The translator explained whenever it was necessary and Mr. Shin Park also gave me more explanations so that I could 100% understand everything that was about to be done during surgery.

For the nose, after I've told Doctor Seung Moon Baek my concerns, he suggested me to fix the imbalance (break the bridge) and make the nose tip rounder and longer by using septal cartilage.


The next day, which was my surgery day. I have fasted for 8 hours before the surgery, to ensure the safety during the surgery. I was hungry, thirsty, nervous, scared, excited... MIXED FEELINGS! Luckily Mr. Shin Park was there to ease my nervous feeling. 

Here's a video of my plastic surgery story!


For more information, visit their websites.


 Instagram: @Docfinderkorea

ID Hospital


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  1. Nice write up about your plastic surgery journey, you're beautiful :) by the way the subtitles in the video do not match your speech most of the time, lol. Just for your info ;)

    1. Thank you so much! Oh! I think maybe it's auto subtitles that's why! HAHA!

  2. could i ask how much it cost if its not too much trouble?

    1. Hi, I can give you the price separately, rhinoplasty costs around 5,000,000 Korean Won and v-line surgery (jawline surgery) costs around 10,000,000 Korean Won, but the whole packages varies depending on personal condition or desired result. Hope it helps! :)

  3. Hi Chenelle, I like your eyebrow in video. Did you draw your eyebrow or was it eyebrow embroidery?

    1. yes! it's embroidery dear! i will blog about it on my next post ok? :D

  4. Hi, is this sponsored (either by the hospital or docfinder)? Also, do you think its safe enough if one will go alone - without any friend or family member during the trip to korea for plastic surgery?

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