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My Plastic Surgery Story In Korea | PART 2

Sunday, July 10, 2016 / ,

Hi guys! I'm back for part 2 update! This is about my plastic surgery story in ID Hospital, Korea. Sooooo happy that there're actually a lot of readers sending personal messages to me, full of love and care, truly appreciate it guys! THANK YOU! *love* I am feeling good and it's been 3 months after surgery, everything is great and I noticed my face and nose look more defined day by day. If you haven't watch PART 1, you can read here and watch the video here.

I had been asked to fast for 8 hours before the surgery because of general anesthesia. For a big eater like me, I've got to say it ain't easy! The surgery was a success though and it took around 7 hours. When I awakened from anesthesia, it was evening already. I'd been asked not to consume anything yet and sleep for 5 hours for the safety. MEANING I DIDN'T CONSUME ANYTHING FOR ALMOST 24HOURS! I wanted to tell you guys, from operation till recovery period, the only most suffering part to me was that, I need to fast and stay awake after awakened from general anesthesia, for freaking 5 HOURS. I remembered Ms. Anna, my road manager from docfinderkorea was there to accompany me, and I had lost my temper, kept kicking the bed, yelling for water. Ms. Anna was constantly telling me that it was for my safety that I should not drink nor sleep. Fortunately I followed what nurse told me, to keep inhale and exhale, to get rid of the anesthesia from my body, so she allowed me to drink after 3 and half an hours.