Styling Tip on Wearing a Right Bra

When I discover good things, I can't help myself to share it with you guys. Remember my previous posts about how I actually had issues when it comes to choosing a perfect-fitted bra? You can read it here. I am glad that I am on the right track now, because I know how to choose and pick a fitted bra according to my needs after I went to Triumph's fitting session last time. I've got myself plenty of new bras! I am sure a lot of girls wear different style of bras depending on the occasion and mood. This time, I am going to share about how I actually pair my bras according to occasions and mood.


If you ask me, to be honest I do not like to wear bra when I am at home. But if I do, COMFORTABILITY matters. Magic Wire Light gives me that kind of miraculous wireless comfort, which I feel so comfortable enough even I can just wear it to sleep. Also it gives an ultimate breathability


When I am doing my work, I would prefer to pay my full attention in it, dressed like nothing is bothering me. Magic Spacer is a right choice as its innovative Spacer Cup that promotes easy air flow. Its incredibility light, airy and breathable magic spacer allow my skin to breathe. The weightless feel impresses me, it provides all the capacity of a padded bra without the weight! 


I realized I always emphasize on comfortability more when it comes to choosing the perfect-fitted bra. It is kind of important to me because I love the "second skin" snug fit, so it wouldn't move around when I am having fun. Whether for work or play, Body Make Up Light does a great job! 

So are you ready to get a right bra for yourself?

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