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OJO Shining Silk Cream | LAR VELLE Silk Mask

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 / ,

I've been always asked by people on the same question, about my secret of keeping a translucent and radiant complexion. I am thankful to have such skin condition, but of course nothing comes with gain and no pain. Something that I've always mentioned before, in order to whiten your skin, first you must moisture your skin. Been using 2 products from Maxilady (WeChat: chloelow11) that I really like it and would love to share with you guys, OJO Shining Silk Cream and Lar Velle Silk Mask, both are Korea made products.

I am using the second bottle of OJO Shining Silk Cream, I love its texture, non-sticky and easy to apply on skin. Basically it carries a lot of benefits.

Have you SMILED today? | Smile Makers

Thursday, November 17, 2016 / ,

Having significant others doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to experience the big ‘o’ every time. No one knows your body better than yourselves, which such technology advancement these days, we are blessed and spoilt with a variety choices of battery-operated orgasm inducers. It used to be big, bulky, oversized and not so discreet to have it laying around.

I was excited when Smile Makers Collection gave me an opportunity to try their products as i was in the midst of deciding which collection i should get for my first toy! The Collection has 4 variants, which are The Firemen, The Frenchmen, The Millionaire and The Tennis Coach.  Each only requires 1 AAA battery which will pleasure you for an estimate of 4 hour with 4 speed settings to set the pulsating pleasure of your choice. Curious to know what is what between these 4 personal massagers?

Here’s a bit more about our personal massagers with specific skills for each one them :-