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Holla! I just came back from my recent trip, Maldives with my boyfriend and I have to say the place is so beautiful that it literally takes my breath away! We have been staying in an island and spending our days there. Even though it was a leisure trip, but Maldives are still sunny all year long, the sun could be still harmful to my skin if there’s no precautions taken. 

So I have tagged along some of the products with me for this trip! And today I am going to review all these products! For those who are interested in looking for products which are suitable for summer, or those who are interested in OMM products, please continue reading.

OMM is founded in Korea, a country where girls have dewy and glowing skin and everyone is dying to get those skin. They have boutiques located at China, Hong Kong, Thailand too. And now they are also having another new boutique in Malaysia! What I like about this brand is, they are free from artificial preservative, artificial fragrance and artificial colours. Also, OMM is using the most natural way of producing their products, plant-based Lactobacillus, which can effectively boost skin immunity yet maintaining the most natural, safe and efficacious results. OMM does not only have skincare, they also have cosmetic line. 

I have chosen those products that are suitable for my summer vacation from OMM series, includes,

  1. Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence
  2. Fresh Ferment Emulsion
  3. SPF50+/PA++++ UV Shield Moisture Sun Mist
  4. SPF50+/PA++++ UV Shield Moisture Sun Cream
  5. Fresh Aloe Juice Mask

Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence

You heard of makeup primer, but have you heard of skin care primer? The function is nothing the same but also a very important product to your skin. This is like a primer for your skincare, it amplifies the effectiveness of other skincare products by making your skin more receptive. First Essence is full of bioactive Lactobacillus (Fresh Ferment), basically it meant to protect your skin with good bacteria so that your skin’s immunity will grow stronger and decrease skin sensitivity. If you can see from the photo, it is not watery nor creamy texture, somehow it is like gel type that can absorbs into your skin directly and not sticky feel at all. I personally think First Essence is very important to our skin, no matter how expensive your skincare products are, if your skin doesn’t absorb well, it is just another waste of money. First Essence can help you to amplify the following skincare products’ effectiveness, so I think this is a must-have to me. I can tell that my skin has been more hydrated compared with before, and it does not cause any reaction to my skin as my skin is a bit sensitive. 

Fresh Ferment Emulsion

Fresh Ferment Emulsion is another product from Fresh Ferment series. It can be use separately or with their moisturiser, because its function is to refine uneven skin texture, nourish and preserve skin suppleness. From the photo, you may think that it is a creamy type, I guess because I apply too much on my hand HAHA. The texture of this emulsion is not creamy type, I would say it is rather a gel cream type. It is definitely suitable for dry, dehydrated and dull skin. I like this emulsion! My skin is more hydrated after 2 weeks of trying, of course best result is to pair it with Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence. 

SPF50+/PA++++ UV Shield Moisture Sun Mist

This is one of the most portable products and I carried it along in my bag during the trip. This sun mist is nothing like the sunscreen spray that usually you would end up spraying a whole patch on certain parts and finding it hard to blend. This sun mist has ultra-fine atomized SPF spray that is enough to provide stand-alone protection yet feather-light feeling. I would say this is perfect for a summer vacation, also for those who are constantly exposed to sunlight. It is so fine that I can’t even feel it, and it is non-sticky at all. One of my favorites! 

SPF50+/PA++++ UV Shield Moisture Sun Cream

Nothing like Sun Mist, but this Sun Cream is water and sweat resistant, it comes with double-spectrum protection and helps prevent sunburn with a string of active filters. Although the texture is a thicker compared with Sun Mist, but I would still apply this because it has more protection and I use Sun Mist during outdoor activities. After I came back from Maldives, a lot of my friends told me that they were surprised to see I haven’t gotten any tan even I was on my summer vacation. I guess these Sun Cream and Sun Mist had worked its magic! When I was on my last summer trip, I was so much more tanned and even I myself was surprise about that!  

Fresh Aloe Juice Mask

Juice Mask is one of the most interesting products in OMM skincare. I find this interesting because I have to pour the juice serum into the sheet bag, which already provided in the box. Mix, unfold and apply for instant moisture anytime. The woven rose-fiber sheet traps the juice underneath for rapid absorption and moisturization. I brought this along because I know I will have to apply mask every single day during my summer vacation. And aloe vera has the soothing and calming effect. I have less than a bottle now when I got back because my boyfriend and I use it every single day, you can straight away apply it on the skin too if you do not want to use the sheet bag. Even my boyfriend love this mask too because it doesn’t have any stickiness and also it hydrated his skin. OMM has a few other juice masks such as coconut, pomegranate, etc. Their Crystal Luminous Drips Mask is also their top selling mask, will definitely buy one to try out! 

I guess I have explained well what I think about OMM skincare products! I always like to enhance my skin by using natural skincare products and I like how OMM skincare helps to increase skin immunity and decrease skin sensitivity. I would highly recommend it because it works well on me! 

For more information, visit their website or follow their Instagram (@OMMmalaysia)

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